ATOM's Shutdown Solutions

We are the team behind the teams driving Australian industry. In keeping with this vision, ATOM’s Shutdown Solutions is a customisable package of ATOM services centred around ATOMic’s innovative, market-leading site-store and vending solutions. Each of our services are designed to support your shutdown services – to make them effi cient and cost-effective – providing you with a distinct competitive advantage. To fi nd the best solutions for your shutdown services, ATOM will work with you through the following 6 Point Plan.

At the conclusion of the planning phase and electing to partner with ATOM, you will have a completely new, customised shutdown service to go to market with.

Our Customer's Backstory

Our customer is an ASX-listed engineering and infrastructure company providing engineering solutions to the infrastructure, energy and resources sectors. Working with some of the world’s leading companies, they employ over 3,400 people to support operations both in Australia and internationally. One of their service sectors is shutdowns for planned maintenance and plant refurbishment at major utility power stations. In September 2016, this customer was working on a maintenance shutdown of one of Australia’s largest power stations in New South Wales. With four turbo alternators, this power station contributes up to 20% of New South Wales’ daily electricity consumption. Before engaging with ATOM, the customer had frustrations with their shutdown services and those who supported them. thier model was inefficient, costing both time and returns.

their main frustrations were:


With multiple levels and areas, it could take up to 30 minutes for an employee to get to and from
a product store to their work site.


With products being sourced from multiple providers it was becoming difficult to keep track of orders along the entire
supply chain including shipments, freight and invoices.


Their providers at the time lacked proper communication and failed to truly ‘serve’, eliminating a real sense of partnership.

ATOM's Customised Solution

ATOM sat down with the customer to discuss their frustrations with their supply chain model. During this consultation ATOM used the 6 Point Plan to identify ways that both ATOM and ATOMic Services could provide solutions to these frustrations, increase efficiency and lower total costs.


To increase efficiency ATOM utilised seven ATOMic Services Megastore 9000 vending machine in work site areas. The Megastore 9000 included industrial consumables and crucial work products, eliminating the need to visit a centralised store and any down time that may occur as a result. Like all ATOMic vending machines, each Megastore 9000 uses industry leading technology to allow the customer to track and trace where and when products were being used with real-time stock reporting. This gave the company the information to better manage their stock orders and control consumption. ATOM replenished each vending machine three times a week to ensure supplies were always where they were needed. If inventory ran low before this time, an alert was sent to ATOM indicating that another refill was required.


With the help of ATOM’s sourcing capabilities, the customer was able to consolidate their range, increasing their buying power. To ensure continued savings, ATOM locked in a fixed price for their core product requirements.


ATOM used its buying power to source the customer premium products at a reduced price, saving them on overall cost, without compromising on quality. Partnering with leading suppliers, ATOM were able to provide customised products like Bisley workwear to meet the customer's specialised needs. So the customer had everything they needed onsite, supported by stock at the nearest ATOM warehouse so that they could be topped up fast.


ATOM’s online capabilities created a direct platform between the customer and ATOM’s warehouses, eliminating multiple touch points and getting product to them fast.

The Customer's Core Benefits


The implementation of ATOMic Services vending machines and putting work critical products at worksite points reduced the time spent collecting products and eliminated any potential down time that may occur as a result.

Overall approximately 640+ man hours were saved, based on a 30 minute round trip.


By consolidating through ATOM, the customer increased their buying power and simplified their supply chain. All core products were covered by ATOM fixed pricing, which provided long term savings.


ATOM were able to provide a personalised solution that took into account the needs of the customer, producing much better outcomes than any generic alternative. The customer had a dedicated account manager and team that are ready to deal with any enquires.


With the implementation of ATOMic Services vending machines, the customer had complete transparency and control of where and when a product was being used. This information allowed the customer to make better purchasing decisions, and control where product has being used.

“Since working with ATOM we have seen an increase in our efficiencies across our diverse workfronts. Having product where it is needed, when it is needed has reduced downtime therefore increasing our productivity. The transition to ATOM’s automated inventory control has been rewarding, but more importantly we have a service provider that is flexible and committed
to working with us to streamline our logistics model. The team at ATOM endeavour to ensure the highest service level, making sure we have everything we need promptly, whether it be local, interstate or overseas.”


Logistics Manager