Energy Savings

At ATOM, we’re committed to minimising our environmental footprint where possible and are always looking for new ways to do things to reduce our overall energy consumption and waste creation. This goes from focusing on the smaller things such as reducing our contribution to landfill through increasing our usage of recyclable materials, through to harnessing the power of solar energy by installing 120 solar panels on one of our warehouse’s rooftops! Increasing energy efficiency and energy conservation through renewable energy sources such as solar power is just a small step on the journey towards greater environmental sustainability.


We’ve implemented sustainable practices into every area of our business, from the warehouse to the office. We encapsulate the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mindset. Rather than ordering in more packaging, we reuse the inbound supply boxes we receive to fulfil our customers’ orders. What is unable to be reused gets collected for recycling. We also repurpose boxes or offer reusable shopping bags for our counter customers. We’ve converted a portion of our mailing bags to recyclable cardboard to reduce our usage of single use plastic. Any other single use plastic is eliminated where possible. Alongside our efforts to minimise waste production, we also divert as much of our waste to suitable recycling processes as possible. On sites that use our ATOMic vending services we offer a new initiative that provides “Little Things” disposal bins that collects used disposable PPE for recycling. This program reduces the amount of product waste from sites that would otherwise end up in landfill.   


With our new incoming digital accounting system, our accounts team will be going truly paperless, to reduce our consumption of paper within the office. Our printed specials catalogue has now been converted to a digital format which will also reduce our demand for and consumption of paper product. To keep our carbon footprint down, we limit travel where possible by using video conferencing technologies to hold meetings online or over the phone. To reduce our energy consumption, all ATOM branches have been or are to be retrofitted with LED lighting and solar panels. Our ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral and operate with 100% renewable energy, including the usage of electric delivery vehicles across the ATOM fleet.


We also care about the environmental impact of our supply chain, and encourage all of our suppliers to consider their environmental impact within their processes. We’re always increasing our range to offer more sustainable and biodegradable alternatives as they’re released, ensuring our customers have the choice of more environmentally-friendly options where available. We also work with our primary supplier to convert packaging to recyclable materials.

Energy Savings

ATOM is constantly searching for ways to deliver upon our promise of saving you on the total cost of managing your little things. As energy security and pricing is increasingly becoming a significant cost for Australian industry, ATOM has developed an innovative and proven energy saving solution comprising efficiency, generation and storage.

The innovation is in the funding. Whilst you may elect to buy or lease your tailored solution, ATOM is also able to provide you with a no‑cost option whereby you offset part of the energy savings for zero upfront capital outlay.

Why are we so confident of saving you on your energy costs? Because ATOM has adopted the solutions and proven the savings are real.

LED Warehouse Lightin Illustration


The easiest efficiency gains to implement swapping out all legacy lighting with tailored LED lighting.

ATOM’s solution partners will come to you and design a tailored solution to match lighting levels to your workplace needs, and with ATOM’s innovative funding options, savings may be realised with zero upfront cost!

Solar Panels on Warehouse Roof Illustration


If you operate predominantly in daylight hours like ATOM, then solar energy generation is ideal.

Your rooftop may have the equivalent of the “quarter-acre block” or, like ATOM, accumulatively acres of ideal solar generation space.


And even if you don’t own the building/s you operate from, ATOM has an innovative solution incorporating your landlord/s to access it, again at potentially zero upfront cost, to you.

Solar Storage Illustration


Although storage is less critical given the energy you consume is likely synchronous with its generation, it may still form part of a complete solution, particularly if you’re able to sell the excess energy generated back to the grid.

We wouldn’t sell you a solution we didn’t believe in; we’ve incorporated these measures into our own business with remarkable results.

Prior to implementing ATOM’s energy saving solutions, our Kalgoorlie branch was using an average of 20,024KWh per month.


After swapping the lighting over to LEDs, there was a 39% decrease in energy usage. The next step was to make use of that outback sun and our 3,200 square metres of warehouse by installing 120 solar panels. These solar panels now power the entire branch and return 120kW to the grid each week. 


The figures for the post LED and solar installation show a significant reduction in energy usage, with the branch now just at 7,866KWh per month – a reduction of 61% in total!

We’ve also seen tremendous results after installing LED lighting in our other branches, check out the results below!


Reduction in Energy Usage

ATOM Kalgoorlie


Reduction in Energy Usage

ATOM Geraldton


Reduction in Energy Usage

ATOM Kewdale


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