Parramatta Eels Trainers

Parramatta Eels Rugby League Football Club

At ATOM we support industry in Australia, providing Australian businesses with all of the little things they need such as safety gear, power and hand tools, welding equipment and more, to allow them to stay focused on the big picture. We’re proud of being the team supporting the teams that drive industry in Australia, similar to a National Rugby League trainer supporting the players to achieve their absolute best on game day.

In 2018, ATOM became proud sponsors of the trainers of The Parramatta Eels, a professional rugby league football club based in the Western Sydney suburb of Parramatta.

The Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club was founded in 1947 and since then, has won 4 premierships, 5 minor premierships and founded the largest membership and supporter base in Western Sydney.

Parramatta is thought to have gotten its name from "Burramattagal" which is derived from the Aboriginal word for “place where the eels lie down”. From this, the club got their official nickname of “The Eels” in the 1970’s.

With our “team behind the team” mentality, we thought it of no better significance than to sponsor the Parramatta Eels’ trainers. We feel the values of a trainer are well aligned with ATOM’s own values of being dependable, available for good advice and at your service when you need it most.

Trainers play a significant role in not only preparing the team for game day, but providing ongoing care and support during the match. Whether it’s simply strapping an ankle, conveying messages or assisting injured players, the welfare of the team is always front-of-mind. Like ATOM, trainers do the little things so that the team can focus on the task at hand.

So be sure to look out for the ATOM logo on the trainers’ shorts at the next Eels game!


Eels in the Community

The Parramatta Eels’ sense of community and pride resonate with ATOM, and are traits that we feel complement the ATOM mission and values. As a major part of the community in Sydney’s west, The Parramatta Eels run a number of community programs to extend their reach beyond rugby and make a real difference in greater western Sydney.

The Eels Blue and Gold Heart Community Program supports the Ronald McDonald House at Westmead, giving families of children receiving treatment at The Children’s Hospital a “home away from home”, making sure that families that have had to travel for their child’s medical care are in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Westmead Children’s Hospital is gold charity partner of the Eels and is New South Wales’s largest paediatric centre. Westmead is world-renowned for their specialist care and research into childhood illnesses, and is an advocate for improved child health across Australia.

Careflight is another amazing cause being supported by the Eels. Careflight look after thousands of patients each year with their aircraft and medical crews’ rapid response to life-threatening emergencies.

ATOM is proud to be backing a team that supports such great initiatives and worthy causes.

Up & ATOM Eels!