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Coronavirus Workplace Risk Management

A novel (new) strain of coronavirus which originated in China in the Hubei Province in 2019 can cause a respiratory disease called COVID-19.

At ATOM we are identifying and managing work health and safety risks including exposure to COVID-19. We also plan to respond to cases of COVID-19 at work in line with advice provided by the government and relevant health organisations. The health and wellbeing of our workers and their families is of the utmost importance to ATOM.


Infection spreads from one person to another in a way that is similar to the flu:

  • Through close personal contact with a person who is infected

  • Through the touching of objects or surfaces which have been contaminated by the sneeze or cough of a person who is infected, following by the touching of eyes, nose or mouth


Symptoms experienced by people who have COVID-19 are similar to the flu. This includes a sore throat, cough, fever, shortness of breath and tiredness.

The majority of people who are infected by the virus experience mild to moderate symptoms that they fully recover from. Others may develop more serious illnesses such as pneumonia, including those at an increased risk such as the elderly and those with a weakened immune system or chronic medical conditions.

Preventing the spread of infection at work

For most businesses like ATOM, the health risk is low. Simple hygiene practices, similar to those we use every year to protect against illnesses like the flu, can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections among staff.

To limit the risk of coronavirus spreading, we have communicated proper hygiene standards to all of our staff members encouraging them to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the information provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and World Health Organisation

  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water, including before entering and leaving any common areas

  • Regularly use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser where hand washing facilities are unavailable

  • Clean work stations with disinfectant wipes regularly to ensure a clean working environment

  • Cover nose and mouth with a tissue or flexed elbow to cover any cough or sneeze, and dispose of tissues immediately after use, followed by the washing of hands or application of hand sanitiser

  • Avoid close contact with others, particularly those who are showing cold or flu-like symptoms. No handshakes or other methods of personal contact are permitted

  • Stay home if unwell and self-quarantine


ATOM has also provided the following in our workplaces:

  • Hand washing facilities that are kept clean, properly stocked and in good working order

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser, tissues and cleaning supplies in all common areas

  • Promoting good hygiene practices through the display of posters on how to wash hands properly and how to limit the spread of germs

  • A clean and hygienic working environment with regular professional cleaning of high-touch surface areas such as door handles and workstations to help prevent contamination​


Other measures:

  • Some warehouses are closed to walk-in trade from the general public effective immediately. These warehouses are still open for business and order pickups are able to be arranged via phone or email. Please regularly check our Contact Us page for updates to see if your local warehouse’s operating hours have been affected

  • Social distancing is enforced ensuring there are 1.5m between colleagues, staff working from home where possible or on alternating rosters, staggering of lunch and other breaks to minimise gatherings, and by minimising cross-department contact between sales/support and warehouse staff

  • Screening points have been set up at entryways for all staff and visitors to our branches to pass through prior to entry. Temperatures may be taken, a health questionnaire answered and hand sanitiser must be used before entry is permitted. Anyone that has a temperature, exhibits signs of illness or fails the health questionnaire will not be permitted to enter

  • All delivery drivers/couriers are asked to unload their goods in a distinct quarantine area. All quarantined goods will be sprayed with surface disinfectant prior to them being handled by ATOM staff and entering the warehouse

  • All non-essential service operators that provide services to our branches have been postponed until further notice

  • Visits from suppliers will be suspended indefinitely and alternative arrangements made to communicate and engage

  • External sales representatives will be limiting customer visits with other methods of engaging such as phone, email, group chats and video conferencing preferred

  • High risk employees will be given the option to work from home if an outbreak should occur

  • All events scheduled into the foreseeable future have been cancelled or postponed to limit gatherings

  • Domestic travel is being limited

  • We will be redirecting some supply from other branches or direct from suppliers, and other similar measures will be taken should the need arise

  • Many ATOM staff are working from home or on rosters to reduce the amount of people in branch/contact with each other where possible

In the case of an infection onsite:

  • If someone becomes ill with respiratory symptoms at work, we will immediately isolate them by placing them in a room or an area away from others

  • ATOM will arrange for the person to be sent home and advise them to seek medical attention. If they are very unwell, an ambulance will be called

  • If a worker is confirmed to have COVID-19, we will inform co-workers about possible exposure to COVID-19 but maintain confidentiality


ATOM workers have been notified not to go to work and must self-quarantine for 14 days if they have:

  • Recently travelled to an overseas destination

  • Share accommodation with a person who has returned from overseas travel

  • Been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19


ATOM employees must seek immediate medical attention if they become ill during the quarantine period, making sure to call ahead of arriving and explain their travel or contact history. When/if required, ATOM will make appropriate arrangements so that workers who need to self-quarantine stay away from work, allowing for flexible working from home arrangements.

For information regarding the supply of products please visit our Supply Chain Updates page.