Official Partners of the AFL Runners

We’re very excited to announce that ATOM are the Official Partner of the AFL Runners, the team behind your favourite teams – assisting the coaches to get the job done and delivering messages to the players to guide them to success.

We choose to support the AFL Runners because they're not the heroes, the crowd are not cheering for them. Instead, they do the little things for the players like deliver messages from the coaches so the players on the field can succeed at their job. 


This crucial position may be often overlooked, but without the runners the line of communication between the coach and players is non-existent and the team would not be able to perform in harmony and at their best. Runners keep the team together, informed and aligned to a common objective.

The AFL Runner's role is just like ATOM's. We' re the team behind the teams driving industry in Australia, we're here to source and deliver every little thing you need to get the job done. ATOM's here to serve and make you the hero.

No matter your team, we know your passion is as strong as our commitment to providing you with expert knowledge and assistance so you can stay focused on the big picture.

ATOM is proud to be the Official Industrial & Safety Distributor Partner of the AFL, be sure to keep an eye out at the next game to spot the ATOM logo on the runners’ apparel!