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About ATOM

Welcome to ATOM, we’re here to serve.

At ATOM, we’re like your local hardware warehouse but on an industrial scale. While you may not find pot plants and garden gnomes in our warehouses, you will find all of the usual hand tools, power tools, welding equipment, cutting and abrasives, silicones and general hardware; the things you need to get the job done (including that elusive 10mm socket). You’ll also find one of the most extensive ranges of speciality products related to the industries we serve, including safety and personal protective equipment (PPE equipment), speciality lubricants and fluids for the oil and gas sector, and even heavy-duty lifting slings to name just a few of thousands of examples. Plus, why pay retail when you can shop for products at warehouse prices. You can also buy in bulk to multiply your savings. What is key, however, is that everything you will find at an ATOM warehouse is industrial strength for an industrial application. Like our customers, our products aren’t scared of a hard day’s work.


Whether you’re after industrial safety supplies, industrial workwear, material handling equipment or any other general industrial equipment - whatever you need, you can Get It @ ATOM. What we have in stock and what you’ll find on this website is only a portion of the products available to you through ATOM. Our resourceful team can source even the most obscure little things (other than that mysterious left-handed screwdriver). So go on, put us to the test.


Our guiding principle states: “We do the little things for each other so that the little things get done for our customers [you]”. We’re proud to be the team behind the teams driving industry in Australia. Like a good trainer is to the players, we’re working hard behind the scenes to do all of the little things that enable you to get the job done. We’re selfless, dependable, available for good advice, and always at your side when you need it most. At ATOM, we exist to serve.


ATOM has over 40 years’ experience providing expert knowledge and assistance to the Mining and Civil, Oil and Gas, Government, Electrical, Maintenance Repair and Operations, Commercial, Construction, Agriculture, Infrastructure and Engineering industries. We are a team of 250 ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things for our customers, just like you, every day. We call these the “Little Things”. Everyone at ATOM is empowered to do any little thing necessary to make it easy for you. That’s why we’re one of the leading and fastest-growing industrial and safety equipment suppliers in Australia. We also believe locals serve locals best – they’re nearby, they’re part of the community, they’re more accountable, and they’re contactable. Because of this, we’re growing our national network of unique Industrial and Safety Walkthrough Warehouses to ever more strategic locations throughout Australia to be close to you. View our locations to see where your closest warehouse is located and meet your local team.

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6 Point Saving Plan

ATOM’s 6 Point Saving Plan is designed to save you on the total cost of managing your little things. Through this plan, ATOM will help you consolidate your range and suppliers, fix your pricing to ensure the ultimate in transparency and pricing security, utilise state-of-the-art industrial vending and inventory control solutions, tap into our global sourcing capabilities and streamline the procure to pay process. The sooner you start, the sooner you save.

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ATOMic Services

ATOM can manage your inventory for you through industrial vending machines and site stores through advanced consumable inventory and mobile asset management technologies. Gain visibility on the usage of your consumables and inventory while reducing consumption and increasing productivity. There are a number of vending machine options and configurations available to suit your specific site’s product usage. Through ATOMic, we can customise a solution to meet your unique needs.


ATOM Safety

Our team of industrial safety experts at ATOM Safety are truly taking safety seriously. Working side-by-side with you, our dedicated safety specialists will work through a six-point plan to deliver measurable improvements to the safety outcomes in your workplace, guaranteed. Our experts can also recommend fit-for-purpose safety gear to meet Australian Standards, your workplace’s requirements and your tasks’ specific needs.


There are a number of industrial workwear and safety hazards covered by the ATOM Safety Workplace Safety Risk Assessment, including workwear and footwear, eye, face, hand, head, hearing, face and respiratory protection, first aid, drug and alcohol management, dangerous goods storage, traffic management, safety signage, spill containment, lockout and tagout, fall protection and height safety, fire safety and more.


The ATOM Safety team offers a number of services to help you reach your safety goals, including hearing and respiratory fit testing, and high-quality embroidery for your workwear produced in-house at a number of branches, with fast turnaround times. Screen-printing is also available across all locations to help you customise your uniforms.

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Indigenous Sourcing

ATOM has access to over 3,500 Indigenous-sourced products. ATOM is committed to supporting Indigenous businesses, and proudly sources approximately 8% of all its products through Australia’s largest Indigenous industrial and safety supplier, Nogard Australia. Speak to ATOM about how we can help you achieve your Indigenous business procurement targets, or browse the Nogard Australia Indigenous product range.

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ACE Fund

The ATOM Community Engagement (ACE) Fund was established to demonstrate ATOM’s commitment to engaging with and supporting the community. Funds raised through the ACE Fund are distributed to organisations focusing on Indigenous youth education and youth-to-work projects, Indigenous health initiatives and community engagement, and men’s and women’s cancer prevention and care. Every purchase of products from Nogard Australia brands directly contributes to the ACE Fund.



Whatever your procurement process is, transacting with ATOM is easy. With fast account opening and pre-approved credit limits your business can start shopping with ATOM within minutes, with punchout catalogues and full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities. We can also tailor your ATOM experience with customisable purchasing permissions, including different approval limits, purchasing power and product restrictions across team members.

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ATOM Export Capabilities

ATOM supplies a broad range of products to not only all corners of Australia, but also has extensive experience exporting products, with capabilities to service the Asia Pacific, Africa and beyond. At ATOM we pride ourselves on getting you what you need, to where it needs to go, so you can get the job done.


ATOM and our pre-dispatch inspection facilitators ensure all export packaging meets international standards and is accompanied with relevant documentation. We also specialise in packaging for special and dangerous goods. Contact ATOM’s Export Team at to discuss what ATOM can do for you.

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Catalogue 2.0

We’ve reinvented the catalogue for our Catalogue 2.0, consolidating our range with a concise focus on the most relevant industrial products, while providing informational editorial pieces to help you make educated choices. View the catalogue online or request a hard copy to be sent to your door.

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ATOM is committed to minimising our environmental impact wherever possible and encourage all of our suppliers to do the same. Through initiatives such as installing LED lighting and solar panels in selected warehouses, ATOM has been able to significantly reduce our energy consumption and is looking to roll out these initiatives to all locations.

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Culture & Careers

We call ourselves the “A-Team” here and we’re always looking to recruit more motivated, hardworking people into our squad. With a great mix of work-life balance and the opportunity to work hard and utilise your skills, ATOM provides a rewarding and supportive environment to help you achieve your career goals.

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