ATOM Team Behind The Teams

ATOM's Vision

ATOM’s vision is to be the team supporting the teams that drive industry in Australia: we are here to serve.

To achieve this vision, ATOM must be the most preferred partner to Australian industry in managing the supply of all the little things customers need, enabling them to stay focused on the bigger picture: we must make it easy.

ATOM's Mission

  1. To nurture a culture in which our team do the little things for each other so that all the little things get done for our customers;

  2. To design and invest in a business platform capable of fast and frictionless fulfilment of all the little things our customers need to get the job done;

  3. To be the leader in consumable inventory and mobile asset management technology, and specialist safety solutions in Australia; and

  4. To engage equally with all Australians and promote opportunities for Indigenous people

ATOM's Values: We are all ATOMITES

ATOMite Values.png

Accountable - We hold ourselves accountable for our words, decisions and actions.

Truthful - We are always honest and speak the truth, even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient to do so.

Open - We are open to change and new ideas; we openly share our point of view and are open to the views of others.

Modest - We celebrate our success amongst ourselves, and are not boastful.

Informal - We respect hierarchy but enjoy informality in all our dealings.

Trustworthy - We do all we can to earn each other's trust.

Empowered - We are empowered to do the little things for each other in order to do the little things for the customer.

Service - We are all here to serve, it is what we do.

Find out more about ATOM's culture at our Cultures and Careers page.