ATOMic Vending Machine In Warehouse

Inventory Management Vending Machines

ATOM has partnered with the world’s leading inventory vending machine providers to bring the latest in technology and industrial vending solutions to Australia. 

The capabilities of vending machines extend far further than just being used as food and drink dispensers. Our vending machines are built tough to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions and dispense a wide range of industrial and safety products. ATOMic Services vending machines are also available in many different models to meet your unique needs and requirements.


At ATOMic, we have in-house build centres with the ability to custom build vending machines to suit your unique business requirements. Plus we manage the whole vending implementation process. We’ll deliver the machines, install them at the location of your choosing and provide onsite training for your personnel. Our onsite facilitators will handle the restocking and replenishment of the vending machines, so you can lower your freight costs and you’ll never have to worry about running out of your consumables again. We offer a low cost solution – the vending machines are provided free of charge with a low minimum monthly spend and minimal software fee, and you only pay for what you use!


Experience the following with ATOMic Vending Services:

  • Seamless web services connection

  • Easy reporting

  • Variety of machines to suit your application

  • Greater availability through 24/7 access

  • Complete inventory control solutions

  • Reduction in consumption & wastage

  • Ease of entry and exit

Reduce Consumption

With ATOMic vending machines controlling access to stock and allowing for state of the art reporting, our customers typically see a reduction in consumables consumption by 25-30%! ATOMic vending solutions reduce consumption to true demand. Easy stock replenishment means you no longer have to buy large quantities of your critical products to make sure you don’t run out, so we can help you reduce capital and eliminate storage issues. When we say “the sooner you start, the sooner you save”, we mean it.  

Track, Manage & Control Stock with Ease

Procurement and inventory management just got a whole lot easier. With ATOMic inventory machines backed by industry-leading, easy-to-use software, you’ll have real-time stock management and reporting capabilities. The vending software gives you all of the information you need in order to manage your staff’s stock use, track your inventory consumption and reduce waste, all available through one secure online portal. Plus, you can track high value items, see who checked items in/out and when, and get automatic notifications when maintenance is due.


With the cloud-based inventory management software automatically notifying ATOM when stock reaches a minimum level and is in need of replenishing, you’ll never have to worry about your consumable supplies running out again. No more last-minute POs, stock-outs or costly rush orders.

World-Leading Technology

Traditionally, point-of-use technology has been a headache to implement into a business, with a time-consuming, complicated and expensive installation process. With ATOMic Cloud Software, there’s no longer any inventory management software to install, no servers to buy, and nothing for your IT department to support (*collective sigh of relief from the IT team*).


Our cloud based inventory management solution enables you to track and report from anywhere. With ATOMic Cloud Software, you’ll have complete visibility over the consumption of products, with real-time stock management and reporting. Procurement and inventory management no longer need to be a headache. We’ll automatically replenish your stock as you need it, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of those mission critical items again.


With our intelligent technology solutions, you can reduce the cost of operating in a multitude of ways. While your team may be raising multiple purchase orders currently for all of the items they require, through our supply consolidation and cloud-based software, you now only need one central PO per month, saving you time and hassle.


Bringing Products to Your Workforce

Take this common scenario for example; to keep costs down, the site’s tool store is only open and manned from 6am-6pm, but workers need access to PPE and tools during all shifts, 24/7. Does the business leave the store open and unmanned, allowing products to be grabbed without any tracking or supervision, leading to an increase in consumption and items going missing? Or, close the store and not have vital products available to those working the later shift? With ATOMic inventory management solutions, you no longer have to choose. Your business’s most mission critical items and PPE are available to workers 24/7, with complete transparency on what items are being used and by whom. ATOMic industrial vending machines are quick and easy to use too, reducing the long lines of workers waiting on a person to serve them. The controlled self-service system reduces that costly downtime and maximises productivity.


The old-fashioned tool store has another downside – the distance to where the workers are. Time spent travelling anywhere from hundreds of metres up to kilometres depending on the site, to and from a stationed tool store, multiplied by numerous workers, day in and day out, adds up. This loss of productivity can be massive and can also be a pain point for workers who may spend more of their time walking than working if multiple trips a day are necessary. ATOMic industrial vending machines bring products closer to where workers need them most. Your most valuable asset is your workforce, so reducing the travel time means that workers can spend less time idle and more time on the job at hand.

A Tailored Vending Solution

Vending machines are ideal for:

  • PPE including Gloves, Glasses & Hearing Protection

  • Lubricants & Grease

  • Safety Vests

  • Tapes & Markers

  • Adhesives

  • Abrasive Discs

  • Welding Rods

  • Drill Bits

  • Batteries

  • Hand Tools

  • Cleaners

  • Fasteners & Fittings

  • Hacksaw Blades

  • Cable Ties

  • Extensions Leads

and more...


Whether you’re looking for PPE vending machines, tool vending machines, office supply vending machines, safety vending machines, MRO vending machines or a combination, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

ATOMic inventory control vending machines are available in a wide range of configurations to suit your site's unique consumption patterns and the type of products that you use most regularly. The best solution may include a combination of vending machines that can be installed on your worksite to suit your specific requirements. With ATOMic Services, the possibilities are endless.

Heading 2

ATOMic Edge Coil Vendin Machine
Edge 5000
  • ATOMic’s most common vending machine, suiting high volume consumable items.

  • High-density solution – holds up to a maximum of 60 SKUs. Ideal for single item dispensing of a wide variety of items, including but not limited to PPE, cans of lubrication, abrasive and cutting discs, tapes, welding consumables, and much more

  • Flexible configuration – move tray dividers, change tray heights, interchange helixes, add spacers, risers and adapters to make the Edge5000 even more versatile as a configurable and adaptable device (configuration done by your ATOMic representative)

  • Inventory control – restricts not only the quantity but also the access to items (i.e. the user could have access to PPE products but not welding supplies)

  • Manage inventory – set alerts for low stock levels, schedule usage reports

  • Patented Verified-Vend™ Technology – senses and confirms every single transaction ensuring inventory is always accurate

  • Faultless transactions with limited repackaging

ATOMic Megastoe 9000 Vending Machine
Megastore 9000
  • Great for a wide range of small through to large reusable assets and consumable items.

  • 9 shelves

  • Conveniently access product – simply open cabinet to remove item(s)

  • Restocking is easy – open cabinet and place item in bin, on platform, or on pusher

  • Controlled access to product – authorised users can have access to cabinet and contents

ATOMic Megastoe 9500 Vending Machine
Megastore 9500
  • Great for dispensing both medium-sized consumables like cans of lubricants, as well as smaller items like fasteners.

  • 3 shelves

  • 5 drawers, 116 bins – ideal for high use density applications

  • Conveniently access product – simply open cabinet or drawer to remove item(s)

  • Restocking is easy – open cabinet/drawer and place item in bin, on platform, or on pusher

  • Controlled access to product – authorised users can have access to cabinet, drawer(s) and drawer contents

  • Scales enable accurate measurement of what has been removed from the Megastore™

ATOMic 6000 Series Vending Locker
6000 Series Lockers
  • Allows you to restrict access based on job roles, departments, work orders and more

  • Great for mobile asset dispensing and tracking

  • Get alerts when stock is low or items aren’t returned

  • Can also be configured to recharge tools whilst stored

  • Clear doors enhance product visibility

ATOMic 6500 Series Vending Locker
6500 Series Lockers
  • Enjoy the same benefits of the 6000 but with added advantage of Smart Sensor Platform, which electronically captures items that are removed/returned in real time, to whom and when.

  • Perfect for reusable assets as well as consumable products.

  • Available with 3, 13, 18, 24 or 36 compartments

  • Single & Multiple Item Dispense – Lockers can be used for larger items. Optional multi-item dispense function allows multiple items to be stored in a single locker and dispensed using a user code or swipe card to record transaction

  • Check-Out/Check-In – Manages and controls items that require calibration and certification, recharging, and more. High cost specialty tools and diagnostic equipment can be stored/checked out, their usage recorded and checked back in. You will always know when an item has been checked out, who checked it out, and when it was returned. You can set loan periods and notification alerts for overdue items

  • Self-Service Automated Order Pick Up/Will Call – Users receive a secure pick-up code via email, which ensures only the right person can retrieve the item(s)

ATOMic Services Actylus Machine
  • Equipped with smart sensor platforms for automatic replenishment via weight measures

  • Streamlines replenishment and eliminates stock-outs and emergency orders

  • Available with 5 - 8 shelves / 40 - 64 bins

  • Each bin automatically detects restock levels and sends real-time replenishment orders

  • Automated alerts let you receive restock notifications 15-20 minutes earlier than a manual process

  • Restock in established quantities, full packages, boxes or kanban lots

  • From assembly cells to large deployments, create the ideal solution by selecting shelf number, spacing and bin sizes

  • Interior lights keep bin contents visible to ensure quick selection with no surprises

ATOMic Combi Industrial Vending and Locker
Combi Locker - Combo Vending Machines
  • The ATOMic Combo combines the vending abilities of the Edge 5000 and the 6000 Series Lockers to

  • Track and regulate the use of items based on job roles, departments, work orders and more

  • All machines controlled from one key pad

  • Great to track a variety of goods including rechargeable tools and reusable products

Not sure which vending machine is right for your worksite? Connect with the team at ATOMic to get a vending solution tailored to you.​ Looking for some help managing your industrial consumables in another way? Check out these solutions.