Eye Protection Signage Requirements

Eye protection signage requirements

Safety signs on Australian worksites must meet AS 1319-1994, Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment. Whenever eye protection needs to be worn, mandatory eye or face PPE signage must be on display to alert employees and any visitors. This includes near the entrance and inside the work area. Mandatory signage must be clearly identifiable using the industry standard large blue pictogram or symbol, and black text.

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Taking the environment, lighting and viewing distance into account, signage must be large enough to view without straining the eye. The below diagram suggests how large signage should be in a well lit, prominent position. As a general guide, the pictogram should be 15mm, and text should be 5mm for every metre of viewing distance. For example, a sign being viewed from 15m away should have a pictogram at least 225mm and text 75mm in size.

The below graphic depicts how large signage should be dependent on viewing distance.

Viewing distance for signage

In poor lighting conditions, you may need to increase the recommended sign size by 50% to ensure that it is visible to all.

To find out more about mandatory safety signage, contact your local ATOM Safety representative.

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