Selecting the Right Protective Glove

July 19, 2016


Each job application and environment requires a different degree of mechanical protection, dexterity and grip. Use this information to help determine which glove provides the right performance for your needs.



Provide a balance of grip, oil resistance and precision handling for varied applications that demand increased versatility.



Consider your need for ‘touch’ and dexterity and whether a lighter, thinner glove can help you work more efficiently without compromising safety.

Sample Tasks:

  • Assembling, inspecting and packing small or delicate parts

  • General warehouse and yard work

  • Assembly and handling of nuts, bolts and screws



Extended periods of wear, abrasive materials or high levels of dust and dirt may require a more durable glove, while sacrificing some dexterity.

Sample Tasks:

  • Mechanical repair and maintenance tasks

  • Handling tools and heavy materials

  • Rigging, lifting and shifting


View the video below to see the Ansell Hyflex Glove in action 



Provide high levels of cut protection for applications where users control, handle or assemble materials with sharp edges



Often, the root cause of a cut injury is not a sharp object, but a lack of grip or purchase. Consider the tasks and environment and consider whether wet, oily, or dry grip needs may be a factor.

Sample Tasks:

  • Metal fabrication and handling

  • General plant and site maintenance work

  • Machine shops



For cut protection, more is not always better. Touch, dexterity and comfort are often sacrificed when the highest levels of cut protection are designed in a glove. A thicker glove can help reduce hand fatigue, which can lead to cut injuries.

Sample Tasks:

  • Handling panels, hoods and other sharp-edged materials

  • Sheet metal handling and finishing

  • Handling slitter blades and utility knives



About Ansell Hyflex glove range: A market leader, the Hyflex glove range has been ergonomically designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity in jobs that require precision handling of small parts and other general assembly applications. 



View the ATOM Safety & PPE brochure to find the right Ansell Hyflex glove for you (pages 4-5) or contact your local ATOM branch to discuss the range. 

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