ATOM, We’re BIG on the Little Things

July 4, 2016


Every project, every business uses thousands of different pieces of equipment, tools and consumables to get the job done. Some of these, typically the high value ones, are mission critical - they'll make or break you. But the vast majority, each by themselves only a small piece within the bigger picture, tend to absorb the majority of your resources – taking the most time to manage (sourcing, stocking and re‑supplying) and tying up a lot of your money (in inventory and wasted stock).


We call these the little things, and on many projects, and in many businesses, it's often the little things that end up costing you the most.


At ATOM, we're big on the little things

We help you manage all the little things so that you can invest more time focused on the bigger picture. In fact, we're so big on the little things that we guarantee to help you save on the total cost of managing yours.


ATOM has been around for 40 years so you know you’re in good hands. We also have a national footprint, integrated logistics partners, and remote solutions to get whatever you need to wherever you need it, fast, including offshore and overseas.


With over one million products at our fingertips, whatever you need, you'll find it at ATOM. So if you're near a branch, pop in and experience our unique walk-through warehouse where you can help yourself to everything you need, play with the products to find a solution to a problem, or engage our knowledgeable staff to take care of things for you.


So switch to ATOM today. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll save.

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