ATOMic Site Store Solutions

Onsite Solutions

To reduce end-user frustration and improve project uptime, your workers need immediate access to the industrial consumables and critical parts they need to complete the project on time and on budget. With vast experience in extensive major projects, ATOMic Services will engage with your key stakeholders and decision makers to understand your unique challenges and tailor a solution to meet your project’s needs. Working alongside you, ATOMic will determine the type and size of the store and any additional facilities required to implement the inventory management solution, and will manage all aspects of the installation and set-up of the site store.


Our site stores are created using one or more custom built and modified sea containers to house the store, and utilise tracking technology to offer completely automated and cloud-connected control of your onsite operations. What may be known as a “shipping container shop” to others, will soon been known as the ultimate onsite inventory management system to you. The site assets are provided free of charge and we can lock in the pricing of your consumables for the set period for complete stability.


ATOMic’s site stores are extremely durable and built tough to withstand whatever the elements can throw at them. The site stores are fully customisable to suit the needs of the specific site, with cyclone-rated options available, and exterior panelling able to be added to the outside for locations that experience extreme heat. Workers will remain sheltered from all conditions in the comfort of air conditioning. The stores also come with personal access doors, long span racking, lighting, power points, benches, an open servery window, RCD protection, space for up to 3 workstations or even a crib room if required.


We understand that remote sites can pose a number of problems when it comes to inventory control, such as long lead times to get the products up to the site which then leads to the tendency of overstocking to make sure important consumables don’t run out. With ATOMic managing the supply and replenishment of items, ordering is in line with usage so there’s no under or over stocking. Our cutting-edge tracking software not only gives you increased visibility over consumption, but can restrict usage, manage returnable items (eg staff laptops) and even run reports for you.


A great solution across the industrial, mining, oil and gas and more industries, whether you’re looking for an onsite tool store solution, onsite consumable store, shutdown tool management system or all-round industrial site store, ATOMic will work with you to stock the products that are most critical to your site. ATOMic also offer industrial pop up store solutions that can be manned by ATOM and allow for workers from multiple companies to access the one site store. Plus, speak to ATOM about how our industrial vending machines can complement our site stores to ensure your team have access to critical equipment and consumables 24/7.

Shutdown Services

We offer a complete suite of products and services to meet your shutdown needs. Let us customise a solution to fulfil all of your critical engineering, shutdown, servicing and maintenance requirements. Incorporating onsite store inventory control solutions including vending machines, manned or unmanned site stores, and our easy-to-use tracking technology, ATOMic can ensure your team have the products they need, exactly where they need them for the duration of the project.


Contact the team at ATOMic to find out what we can do for your site.