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ATOMic Services KanbanPRO

A simple solution to managing your industrial consumables and small parts, KanbanPRO’s automatic replenishment system ensures you never run out of the little things you need to get the job done. The two bin system efficiently stores inventory to reduce your requirement for storage areas, and can be used for a variety of products including PPE, fasteners, cutting tools and more. The shelving is set up with two fully stocked bins one behind the other. When the front bin is empty, the user simply has to scan the bin with the KanbanPRO app on their smartphone and place it on the empty bin shelf, this triggers an automatic re-order of the product from ATOM. The bin at the back will then automatically slide forward, fully stocked and ready to go, so there is no delay and your team can get back to the job at hand.


KanbanPRO’s inventory control racking is designed in an efficient and professional configuration to store products easily. This inventory system’s features include:

  • Multiple bins per shelf

  • Tilted shelves move the secondary bin into place once the front bin has been removed

  • Increase in capacity is possible with the modular system

  • Easy product identification through colour coded identification, and neat and uniform presentation of bins making it the perfect warehouse storage solution for small items.

ATOMic Services KanbanPRO Process

This simple solution can save you time and money. Plus, if you have your own shelving you’d like to use, you can utilise the KanbanPRO software with your existing setup. There’s 2 ways to do this:


Use Your Own Racking & KanbanPRO Bins With Labels

Use your own shelves or storage racking systems with KanbanPRO’s bin system. We’ll
re-layout your existing inventory with our parts bins (provided at no cost), and label the bins with our KanbanPRO labels.


This is a great way to use your existing racking but still experience the inventory control methods and advantages of the KanbanPRO bin system.


Use Your Own Racking & KanbanPRO Labels

Using the shelves or racking you already have in place, we can clean up and re-layout your existing inventory and parts bins in an efficient manner (free of charge), grouping like products together and labelling your shelves with unique KanbanPRO labels.


This is a great solution if your consumables area is already workable and you just want the added consumable control management benefits of the KanbanPRO software.


KanbanPRO Labels

The simple labels utilised by the KanbanPRO inventory control system are easy to use and understand, allowing you to easily identify your stocked inventory at a glance. You can also manage the re-ordering process with the KanbanPRO app on your phone with the use of the barcodes on the labels.


The colour coding, product description and part number on the label make for easy identification of the product within the bin, and the maximum bin quantity and a pick slip date are also included to help you monitor the speed of the product’s consumption.

KanbanPRO App

The KanbanPRO inventory management system app makes reordering a breeze. Simply use the app on your smartphone to give you complete control of your KanbanPRO system from the palm of your hand. With this easy-to-use app, there are a number of ways you can restock your inventory:

  • Scan the barcode on the KanbanPRO shelf label of the product you require

  • Choose from your basket of goods

  • Search by part number

  • Reorder a previous basket

  • Then you can adjust order quantities in your cart and send the order directly to ATOM.

But that’s not all. From this app you can also monitor parts usage to spot trends in consumption patterns, and view previous orders. Available for free download on iPhone and Android.


The KanbanPRO is your complete consumables storage solution. Contact the team at ATOMic to find out how this inventory management technique can work for you.


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