ATOMic Services

At ATOM we believe great power is unleashed by doing the little things. We understand that it’s often the little things you need to get the job done that distract you from the big picture. ATOM Inventory Control Services (ATOMic Services) is here to look after all the little things for you by partnering with world-leading vending machine providers to bring the latest in technology and industrial vending solutions to Australia. ATOMic’s inventory control solutions make managing consumable inventory and mobile assets easy, replacing old paradigms of fixed, labour-intensive stores with flexible, mobile, unmanned and cloud-based solutions.

Through ATOMic Services, we help our customers streamline their inventory management processes, reduce waste, lower costs and increase productivity, time and time again. Utilising our range of inventory management tools, we work with you to customise a solution to meet your business’s specific needs and requirements. We believe in an innovative approach, bringing in the latest in technology and mobile asset management strategy. Our insight-driven solutions and supply chain technology are backed by ATOM, the machine behind the machine, to make sure you always have the products you need, where you need them, and when you need them most. Our inventory control system solutions will help you reduce consumption to true demand. No more rush order costs, overstocking or out of stock emergencies, resulting in a loss of productivity.


ATOMic inventory and stock control solutions are suitable for all industries, including construction, mining, manufacturing, automotive, fabrication & engineering and more. If you’re ready to eliminate downtime, idle employee labour costs, consumable wastage and more, get in touch with the team at ATOMic for a tailored consumables management solution.  

ATOMic Industrial Vending Machine Solutions

Your most valuable asset is your workforce, yet having them idle while they walk long distances to a centrally located storeroom and wait in line to get served, is not only reducing productivity but costing you money. ATOMic's vending solutions bring your business’s most consumed and crucial products closer to your workforce 24/7, while the controlled self-service maximises productivity.


Vending machines are more than just food and drink dispensers. Whether you’re looking for a tool vending machine, PPE dispensing machine or all-round stock control system, our industrial vending machines have many different models to meet your needs.

KanbanPRO & KanbanPRO App

KanbanPRO makes managing your consumables easy by providing transparent information and the automatic replenishment of your inventory. It’s perfect for a variety of products from PPE to cutting tools, fasteners and more. Plus, with our two bin system, you don’t have to worry about running out of your important items again as there’s always a fully stocked back up bin ready to go.

With the KanbanPRO mobile app platform you can simply scan the KanbanPRO shelf label barcode of the product you want to order and it will be added to your product list. Alternatively, you can just select your desired products from the list on the app, adjust order quantities, and send your order directly to ATOM. Reordering your small parts couldn’t be easier.

Site & Pop Up Stores

ATOMic’s mobile onsite and pop up stores provide a complete inventory management solution, giving your workers immediate access to all of the products they need to complete the job on budget and on schedule. Perfect for large sites requiring bulk product to be stocked, shutdowns or to carry out staff uniform allocations.

Best of all, ATOMic will engage with key stakeholders to create a tailored solution while managing all aspects of the installation and setup of the stores.