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ATOM Safety: Taking Safety Seriously

ATOM Safety (formally ATOMise) are ATOM's team of Industrial Safety Experts that are dedicated to Taking Safety Seriously. ATOM has identified a void in the market for specialised safety advice and believes to truly take safety seriously, we needed an independent team focused on our customers, which is how we created ATOMise.

The ATOMise team are there to be your trusted partners in safety. The team are able to come to your worksite and utilise the ATOMise Workplace Safety Risk Assesment to perform a comprehensive analysis of your workplace's safety environment. Your ATOMise representative can then recommend tailored solutions for your business to help drive process and safety equipment compliance, resulting in a safer work environment for your employees, improved productivity and reducing the overall cost of managing your workplace safety. 


We Guarantee It.

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ATOMiser Magazine

The ATOMiser is a safety-focused publication, delivering expert safety advice from the ATOM Industrial Safety Experts team.


Visit the ATOM Safety site to download your copy of the ATOMiser.