With growing concerns in the industry regarding lead times on products manufactured overseas, particularly in China, we are continuously monitoring the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, our stock levels and identifying any potential impacts on the supply of our products. We have taken the proactive approach of requesting information from our suppliers for our most popular products, and are consistently monitoring which supply chains have been impacted directly or indirectly, how much stock there is available in Australia and what suitable alternatives are available should the need arise to replace a particular impacted product.

As we source our products both locally and globally from countries all over the world, we are not currently anticipating any wide-spread impacts or major disruptions for the majority of general industrial consumables. We will continue to manage these challenges as they arise and are in a strong position to support our customers.

As a result of measures introduced to help limit the spread of coronavirus, there are many logistics providers that have fully or partially stopped their services into and out of China, and other work and travel restrictions have impacted shipments. These logistics challenges have a flow on effect down the supply chain and are affecting some Australian-based suppliers. These delays are unfortunately outside of ATOM’s control and may impact our ability to provide particular products to our customers on expected schedules. Working closely with our suppliers, we have been taking all possible actions to reduce the risk of any delays in supply. Where a specific risk has been identified, ATOM is actively working with our customers to provide suitable alternatives and exhausting all avenues to fulfil our customers’ orders.

Currently, certain PPE and hygiene products are experiencing notable supply issues in correlation with the increase in demand globally. With respect to P2 respirators, coveralls, and sanitising products we are working closely with our suppliers to expedite the current situation of short supply. We are evaluating stock availability on a daily basis.

To ensure ATOM continues to service our customers with all of the “little things” they need during this time, we have enacted our business continuity plan. To save critical stocks for our current customers, ATOM has temporarily removed selected safety and janitorial products such as respirators, hand sanitiser, sanitising cleaners, toilet paper, sprays and wipes from our online shopping site to prioritise the supply of these products to our customers that require them to continue operating safely in hazardous work environments.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused to the general public during this period.

While globally we are facing uncertain times, we have put plans into action to maintain our operations safely and our commitment to serve you remains unchanged. Please don’t hesitate to call upon your dedicated account manager regarding any queries or concerns.

To find out how we're managing the risk of coronavirus in the workplace, please view our Coronavirus Workplace Risk Management plan.