Vend Ready Gloves

Ansell Vend Ready Gloves

Do you find your team are going through more gloves then necessary? Are you running out of gloves because someone forgot to place an order?

Having safety equipment right where and when it is needed is paramount when it comes to compliance. Ensuring the utilisation of PPE starts with making it easily accessible and front of mind to your team on the ground.

ATOMic Services Integration

ATOMic Services Integration One of the key enablers of the ATOM Safety difference is the seamless integration of ATOM’s ATOMic Services. ATOMic is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of tailored industrial vending and inventory control solutions. By integrating your safety management plan with ATOMic Services you will experience increased measurement of inventory, compliance control, process efficiencies and significant cost savings.

ATOMic's vending machines come in a variety of flexible configurations to suit your site's needs. Or if you are looking for a simple free issue solution with the ability to track your inventory, check out ATOMic's KanbanPRO solution.

Ansell and PPE Select offer a range of gloves in vend ready packaging that fit seamlessly into ATOMic Services vending machines. The range includes cut protection, general purpose and chemical gloves. The advantage of vend ready packing means that Ansell and PPE Select gloves are easily identified, making sure that the right glove is dispensed every time. The size and shape also prevents any blockages that may occur with unpackaged varieties.

Many other safety products are available in vend ready packaging, including respiratory protection. Discuss your needs with the ATOM Safety team, and they can suggest vend suitable products for your industry.

The combination of ATOMic Services inventory control, ATOM’s supply capabilities, and the independent safety guidance resulting in improved safety outcomes provides ATOM Safety with an unrivaled boast that they are taking safety seriously.

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