Hygiene Heroes Case Study

TAMS Group provide integrated marine project solutions and have a fleet of over 50 commercial marine vessels across Australia and Papua New Guinea. As an existing customer of ATOM, the TAMS’s Group Manager reached out to us to support them in response to the COVID-19 event with the creation of customised hygiene kits for their vessels. As TAMS manage a diverse portfolio of construction projects and support day-to-day port operations, having the right hygiene products on hand and easily accessible is crucial.

Using ATOM’s “Build Your Own Bundle” Hygiene Heroes process, TAMS were able to get a kit tailored specifically to their needs. After we were provided with their budget and the list of products they required, we were able to put our expert industry knowledge to work by offering better fit-for-purpose products whilst staying within TAMS’s budget, and suggesting quantities that suited their particular applications. Care was taken to make sure that the vessels were not overstocked, but simply carrying exactly what the crew needed to stay safe. One alternative we offered TAMS was swapping to biodegradable, disposable cloths from the microfiber cloths that were initially requested. This alternative was substantially cheaper, more environmentally friendly and offered a larger pack size.

Our team’s in-depth product knowledge can help our customers achieve significant savings when it comes to procuring the little things.

Since the kits will be housed on open water vessels, we also suggested an alternative storage case that had greater strength and durability, with a rubber sealed lid to protect and prevent the inside contents from being contaminated with ocean water. This attention to detail made for a better outcome, whilst still providing cost saving measures. All of our suggestions were supported with a sample to ensure it would meet their requirements.

Once the first draft of products had been agreed upon, we created a demonstration kit to ensure the space inside the kit was used as effectively as possible, and provide a physical example to go through with the TAMS team. The kits included essential hygiene products such as hand sanitiser, commercial wipes (detergent and sanitiser), a plastic bucket, bin bags, barrier tape, surgical masks, clear goggles, disposable gloves, disposable coveralls and more.

cleaning and hygiene kits
The contents of the customised hygiene kits

We included the important documents in an enclosed water-tight, resealable envelope on the underside of the lid within each kit for easy access. This included printed and laminated MSDS sheets for the chemicals included in the kits. This was also accompanied by the list of the kit’s contents to allow crew to easily identify products that needed replenishing, with the contact details of their dedicated ATOM Account Manager provided, making the reordering process as easy as possible. The list of approved items and quantities ensures that the crew know exactly what they need and do not order quantities greater than what can fit in the kit.

We’ve now assembled and mobilised 9 kits to support vessels across Australia, with an ongoing commitment to support TAMS in keeping their workplaces and employees safe.

"Here at TAMS Group, we’re quite fortunate to have the support of the Safety Specialists at ATOM Safety. I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve found more ideal products, saved us money with their recommended products (allowing us to pursue higher quality products) – or simply just helped us work through supply chain issues."

- Dane King, Group QHSE Manager | TAMS Group

We can customise hygiene kits to any specifications to suit your workplace applications. If you’re interested in getting a quote or finding out what hygiene products are best suited for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at ATOM, or visit our Hygiene Heroes Hub to find out more!

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