How To Fit Footwear Correctly

Size Matters – How to fit your work boots

Correctly fitted work boots are imperative to ensuring your boots protect your feet at work. Footwear that does not fit correctly can lead to callouses, corns, fatigue, ingrown toenails and other painful side effects.

Fact: No two pair of feet are the same, which is why you should always try on boots before making a purchase. ATOM Safety have provided some handy tips below to help you find boots that fit.

Tips for best fit:

  • Always try boots on before you buy them, no two boots are the same even if they belong to the same manufacturer

  • Take a pair of your own socks to try on when boot shopping, different thicknesses will affect the fit of your boots

  • Try boots on both feet, your left foot and right foot are not the same size or width

  • Try boots on when you have been walking around for a while, as your feet can swell and get bigger during the average day. What fits in the morning will not necessarily fit the same when you get off work.

1. Space

Check behind the heel -

Before lacing, push

foot forward.

One finger should

fit behind heel.

2. Toes

Lace boots and stand up.

Wiggle your toes, they

should not be cramped.

Your toes should have

about an inch of room in

front of them at all times.

3. Kick

Kick the tip of your boot

against the floor, your toes

should not touch

the end of the boot.

4. Heel

Rise up and down, squat,

jump, and walk around,

your heel should not move

in the boot.

5. Ankle

Roll onto sides of your feet

to test for ankle support

and painless flexibility.

Talk to the team at ATOM to find the right footwear for you.

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