How to Correctly Fit A Harness

It’s simple - an ill-fitting harness does not provide the same standard of protection as a proper fitting one. In fall protection there is no room for just ‘okay’, and with multiple sizes, webbing and components it can be hard to determine your perfect fit. Follow our ATOM Safety tips to make sure you get the best fit possible.

1. Pick up your harness, and give it a little shake

Pick up your harness by the D-ring (shackle), that when worn will sit in the middle back. When this is done the leg, chest and shoulder straps should all fall into place. Give it a little shake to make sure everything is sitting where it should.

2. Inspect your harness

Before putting on your harness make sure that all of the components are facing the right way and that the straps are not twisted. Once sitting correctly, inspect components ensuring none have malformed, have sharp ridges or cracks and that no straps (webbing) are torn, or damaged.

3. Put on your harness

Don your harness by swinging it over the shoulders like you would a jacket. Make sure that the back D-ring is positioned in the middle back, between the shoulder blades. If the D-ring is not in the middle, you can adjust it by sliding the plaque along the straps. At no point should the D-ring be off to one side, too high or too low.

4. Buckle your leg straps

Pull the leg straps around the thigh and buckle to achieve a snug fit. You should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your leg making the harness secure, but not constricting.

5. Buckle chest straps

Pull together the chest straps and buckle. If donned correctly the chest strap will sit at upper chest level.

6. Adjust fit and tuck away straps

Stand up straight. Adjust any straps that feel too loose or too tight, remembering that the harness should be secure but not constricting. Make sure that straps are even and the harness is centred. Once secure, tuck way excess straps with keepers, as the excess has the potential to get caught in moving parts or machinery.

If you are still unsure of your fit, contact a member of the ATOM Safety team.

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