King Tony's Tool Trolley Technology

February 18, 2019


Your tool trolley is your trusted workshop companion, so why settle for generic? It should be strong and steady, with additional features that make your job just that little bit easier. The King Tony range of Tool Trolleys keep this in mind. Below are the common features that you will find throughout the range*, to provide you with a product that is tough, reliable, safe and looks awesome!


1. Risk Free Draws

 When one draw is open an auto lock is engaged on all other draws, preventing the risk of tilting.


2. 100% Open Draws

 Draws are equipped with ball bearings that allow for the draw to open 100%, giving you better access to your tools.  


3. Central Locking System 

Efficiently lock all of your draws with the turn of one key.


4. Master Release Button

 In the case of jamming, release locked draws with the press of a bottom 


5. One Piece Steel Body

 Manufactured from one piece of steel, increases the strength of the structure. 


6. 10mm Top Mat

Top mat to protect trolley and store tools in use and parts.


7. Industrial Strength Castor Wheels with Brake

 Maneuver trolley with ease then lock in place with the floor braking system. 


You can check the entire collection of King Tony Tool Trolleys online, or head into your nearest ATOM warehouse.  


*Not all products are equipped with all features, refer to individual product description for more detail. 

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