Have You Got the Right Broom for the Job?

October 23, 2018


You don’t have to break your back to have a clean, dirt free floor. Picking the right broom for the job makes sweeping up a breeze, and back pain free.


Picking the correct broom is dependent on your floor surface, whether smooth or rough, and dirt volume. There are three elements to take into consideration when choosing a broom – the bristle type, bristle stiffness and broom head size.


Bristle Type

There are two common types of bristle, flagged and unflagged.

Flagged – These bristles have frayed ends that help collect small dust and dirt particles. This type of bristle is most suited to indoor use.

Unflagged - Unflagged bristles are straight, with no fray. These straight bristles are usually longer than the frayed variety and are suited to moving large debris in open areas.


Bristle Stiffness

As a general rule the stiffer and thicker the bristle, the more effective it will be at moving large debris and scrubbing difficult dirt. Soft bristles are long and thin, making them better suited to picking up small particles such as dust.


Head Size

Another thing to take into consideration is the size of the broom head. Smaller brooms are better suited for indoor areas, where there is a need to get into tight spaces. A larger broom head gets the job done efficiently, working best outdoors, or in large areas.


Still have some questions about what broom is right for you? Contact your local ATOM warehouse today.


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