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June 25, 2018


If the term “soft shell” makes you think of tacos or crab more than winter jackets, you may want to read on to learn more from our winter clothing guide.


There’s a lot of different jackets out there to cater for specific work place needs. So how do you choose?

It’s important to take into account the conditions you’ll be facing when wearing your work gear. Are you in mostly dry conditions, or do you experience light showers or heavy rainfall? Each jacket has a different waterproof rating. Keep an eye out for terms like “showerproof” which means the jacket will be resistant to light rain, and “waterproof” which means it is completely sealed to make sure no water can penetrate the fabric. Jackets can also come in hi-vis colours with or without reflective taping.


Your guide to popular styles:


Soft shell – As the name indicates, this jacket is soft and flexible. Shell jackets can provide protection from the wind and are made with a breathable, water resistant fabric.


Puffer – These jackets are quilted with wadding for extra insulation and warmth. Another benefit is that they are also lightweight for the level of warmth provided.


Fleece – A good option for keeping warm in dry conditions, these jackets are soft and lightweight.


Polar fleece – This fleece has typically thicker material to suit colder conditions.


Rain jacket – These jackets can feature 2-3 layer waterproof and breathable fabric designed to keep you dry.


Rain coat – These coats feature 2 layer waterproof fabric and tend to be longer and therefore protect a greater surface area than rain jackets. Similarly to rain jackets, the main purpose is to offer protection from rain rather than the cold.


Drill jacket – Named from their cotton drill fabric, these jackets may come with or without insulated padding depending on the level of warmth required.





If you’re not sure what winter gear is right for you, our ATOMise team are here to help! Our Industrial Safety Experts can tailor product solutions specific to your unique occupational needs. Get in touch now to order your winter gear through ATOMise.


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