Benefits of Using Liquid Gaskets

May 3, 2018

Hazardous fluids or gas leaks in industrial processes can lead to safety, environmental and/or
financial risks to your business if not identified and sealed. To prevent leakage between components
or flanges, gaskets are used.

There are two types of gaskets, compression and anaerobic (or liquid type gaskets). Traditional
compression gaskets are prone to leak or fail, and they can deform to create irregular voids
between the two flanges, this is known as gasket creep. Gasket creep then leads to compression set,
when due to extended pressure, gaskets lose their ability to recover to their thickness. As the gasket
is no longer able to expand and contract between the two flanges, small gaps emerge rendering the
gasket ineffective.

Gasket creep leaks are often identified by maintenance, but misdiagnosed as loose fasteners.
Fasteners are then re-torqued in an effort to achieve a seal, leading to exceeded tension and
compression loads on the gasket, exceeding the flexural strength of the flanges.

Liquid gaskets on the other hand, form-in-place (FIP). This technique fills any microscopic space
between the two metal components, preventing even slight leaks of fluid or gas. Liquid gaskets
are able to do this as they remain in a liquid state while exposed to air, but cure as a thermoplastic
when under pressure from two mating flanges. Liquid gaskets also eliminate shimming or the need
to re-torque. Even after extended service, mating flanges can be disassembled with ease.

When first released to market, liquid gaskets had limitations such as oil tolerance, cleaner
contamination tolerance, gap cure, cure on inactive surfaces and flexibility. LOCTITE recognised
this, and in response redeveloped their LOCTITE 518. The upgrade provides more consistent cure
through light oil and contaminations experienced in real-world production. LOCTITE 518 is now a
general purpose liquid gasket and can be used on cast iron, steel, aluminium and alloy flanges.


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