Stop Rust, Galmet ColdGal

October 19, 2016

ITW Polymers and Fluids Galmet Cold Gal is the market leader in metal protection. Galmet ColdGal provides long term protection against corrosion with it's zinc rich coating. 


Galmet ColdGal provides maximum protection of steel structures and assets against corrosion, it also provides a self-healing mechanism which effectively reseals the surface when scratched. The metallic zinc self-sacrifices and chemically welds to the steel, becoming one. Unlike many of its competitors, ColdGal contains 98.5% pure zinc with 92% zinc in the dry film.

How to use Galmet ColdGal

Shake can well for 2 mins


Step 1: Preparation

Abrade or grind to bright steel


Step 2: Clean the surface

Use a wire brush to clean the metal surface


Step 3: Application

several light passes are better than one heavy coat. This prevents runs. The product can be applied by brush, roller or spray.


Touch dry in 20 minutes

Recoat in 8 hours

Hard dry in 24 hours


Where to use Galmet ColdGal

  • Touch up and repair jobs

  • Damaged hot dip galvanised

  • Welds and steel structures

  • MRO industrial steel applications

Products sizes available 

  • 400g (GGCGA)

  • 250ml (GGCG250M)

  • 500ml (GGCG500M)

  • 1L (GGCG1L)

  • 4L (GGCG4L)





Galmet ColdGal is available from ATOM warehouses.






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