CRC Reflective Spray Paint

August 1, 2016

Reflective paints formulated using glass microsphere technology.


These durable paints utilise a polyurethane resin, featuring extremely fade-resistant pigments and reflective glass spheres, ensuring years of bright reflection.


Ideally suited to marking safety hazards or objects that need to be located in low-light or dark areas. It reflects back to the source of light using a flashlight or headlights.


Not only is the reflective spray paint easy and convenient to use, it has many benefits over traditional reflective tapes; no cracking or peeling, easily applied to a large surface area and to a number of different surface types (such as curved objects or rough surfaces).


Application examples:

  • Industrial equipment

  • Safety equipment

  • Guard rails

  • Electrical switch boxes

  • Gas meters

  • Boat piers

  • Docking buoys

  • Boiler rooms


CRC Reflective paint is available in a 340g spray can in the following colours:

  • Base Coat Aluminium - Part Number: 35000002

  • Top Coat Yellow - Part Number: 35000003

  • Top Coat Red - Part Number: 35000004

  • Top Coat Clear - Part Number: 35000005


About CRC: CRC is recognised as a supplier of Professional Quality aerosol and bulk Lubricants, Anti Corrosion and Chemical Maintenance products, priding themselves as being the leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance. Their innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved products to help you do your job faster, easier and safer.


Contact your local ATOM branch to find out which solution is right for you. 

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