CRC Smartwasher

July 3, 2016


An award winning bioremediating parts washer!


A proven leader in the parts washing industry and made in the U.S.A., the patented bioremediating CRC SmartWasher® is safe to use, cost effective and extraordinarily strong – the ultimate solution to parts washing.


Natural Process

The CRC SmartWasher systems employ a natural process called bioremediation to eliminate liquid hazardous waste streams, reduce the release of harmful pollutants and increase employee safety while washing parts. The patented systems combine three essential components

  1. The SmartWasher, the parts washer,

  2. A powerful water based degreasing solution called OzzyJuice®,

  3. A microbe impregnated particulate trap called an OzzyMat™.

The merging of these three remarkable products not only defines the CRC SmartWasher® system but also produces one truly amazing smart washer. 

Benefits include

  • Bioremediating

  • Non-hazardous

  • Non-flammable

  • pH neutral

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-irritating

  • Less expensive to use than solvent units


Part Washers are Safe for Your Employees and the Environment

The CRC SmartWasher is the successful merging of science and technology - safe for your employees and safe for the environment. Eliminate the use of aerosol cleaners. Eliminate chemical waste handling, transportation charges and compliance materials. Find out how by reading the SmartWasher® process.


SmartWasher SW-23 from CRC (Part Number 35000732)

A versatile parts washer and brake washer all in one.

Features include a dolly with a footstep making it easy to move around, an extra-long hose with angled brush to reach those hard to get at spaces and a wide durable sink for larger heavier parts. 

The SmartWasher SW-23 truly is a smart “combo” washer.

The SW-23 compact design also means it will not take up valuable space in your workshop.

Includes 5 x OzzyJuice® 20ltr and 3 x FL-4 OzzyMat™


Want to Find Out More?

Contact your sales rep or free call 1800 999 024 and watch the video below.



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