Ensure your team’s safety at heights by making sure they are kitted out with the best fit-for-purpose harness for the job. This guide will walk you through some of the options to consider when purchasing your harness.

Fall Arrest

Height safety harnesses have fall arrest...

Tool tethering is when a tool or piece of equipment is securely connected to a person or anchor point. If the tool is dropped from height, it is prevented from falling and potentially injuring someone below.

Protect Your Tools

Falling from any height can be detrimental t...

Total Fall Distance = Free Fall Distance + Maximum Shock Absorber Extension + Harness Effects + Height of Person + Safety Factor

Knowing total fall distance is vital to any height safety risk management plan. The total fall distance provides insight into what fall prot...

Most work conducted on a roof, no matter the size, is considered ‘high risk’. Roof work becomes high risk when:

  • There is risk of a worker falling over 2m (as per height safety WHS regulations)

  • There is an element of demolition that will impact any load-bearing...

Selecting the right connection device can be tricky. There are many variables including length, material and functionality. So how do you get the right one? Lanyards and Self-Retracting Lifelines or SLRs, are the two most common connection devices. We have decoded each...

When a worker free falls from a height their body builds kinetic energy as it moves towards the ground. The greater this energy, the greater the force of impact. Even if a worker is wearing a lanyard during a free fall, the body will still feel a forceful impact during...

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) height safety regulations come into effect once workers are required to complete a task over 2m above ground. Under this height, worksites should use due diligence, assessing potential fall hazards and ensuring they are appropriately m...

It isn’t just people that are at risk of falling at height. Equipment or materials can also fall or be dropped, and when they do, they can have serious consequences for those below. In 2017, there were 16 work-related fatalities directly caused by a falling object. Saf...

Karabiners are a little thing that make a world of difference.

Below is a breakdown of the four most common karabiners for height safety:

  • Single Acting Non-Locking – Least secure, but does provide a fast, hassle free connection

  • Double Action Self Locking – Relat...

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