If there is potential for a person in your workplace to receive an eye injury, it is essential that it is fitted out with an eye wash station that meets AS 4775-2007, emergency eyewash and shower equipment. This eye wash station must be situated within 10 seconds from...

Safety signs on Australian worksites must meet AS 1319-1994, Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment. Whenever eye protection needs to be worn, mandatory eye or face PPE signage must be on display to alert employees and any visitors. This includes near the entran...

Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) has been touted as “the new asbestos” due to a recent surge of silicosis diagnoses, one of the most common occupational lung diseases affecting workers worldwide. It is believed that this significant workplace hazard could rival the...

When it comes to eye protection, safety goggles are the only option that provide a complete seal around the eyes. This means that they are well suited for environments where hazards such as chemical splash or a high level of airborne particles are prevalent. Goggles ar...

Do you find your team are going through more gloves then necessary? Are you running out of gloves because someone forgot to place an order?

Having safety equipment right where and when it is needed is paramount when it comes to compliance. Ensuring the utilisation of PP...

Ensure your team’s safety at heights by making sure they are kitted out with the best fit-for-purpose harness for the job. This guide will walk you through some of the options to consider when purchasing your harness.

Fall Arrest

Height safety harnesses have fall arrest...

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