The sun emits red, orange, yellow, green, blue and countless other shades of visible light. This colour is determined by the light’s energy and wavelength. The more energy, the shorter the wave length. It may surprise you, but the light that contains the most energy is...

In the workplace we know the importance of keeping eyes protected from potential impact hazards. What we often forget is to protect our eyes from an everyday hazard, the sun. 

The light that the sun produces can cause glare, chaotic light that overwhelms the eye and re...

Understanding the Types of Respiratory Protection
Selecting the correct respiratory protection is vital. There are many hazards in the workplace that can cause both short and long term respiratory damage. Below is a breakdown of the different types and styles of respir...

Whether you call them safety glasses or safety spectacles, the right pair can not only keep your eyes protected, but enhance your vision and clarity. Don't know what pair are right for you? We've decoded the options to help you make a better choice! Want more informati...

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