Tool tethering is when a tool or piece of equipment is securely connected to a person or anchor point. If the tool is dropped from height, it is prevented from falling and potentially injuring someone below.

Protect Your Tools

Falling from any height can be detrimental t...

Total Fall Distance = Free Fall Distance + Maximum Shock Absorber Extension + Harness Effects + Height of Person + Safety Factor

Knowing total fall distance is vital to any height safety risk management plan. The total fall distance provides insight into what fall prot...

EN388 Standard

Have you ever wondered what the little shield is with the numbers below it on your safety gloves? It's actually a European safety standard, EN388, Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risks and is designed to asses the performance of a glove and its fabri...

Your tool trolley is your trusted workshop companion, so why settle for generic? It should be strong and steady, with additional features that make your job just that little bit easier. The King Tony range of Tool Trolleys keep this in mind. Below are the common featur...

ATOM is now stocking a range of New Balance industrial shoes! Since 1906, New Balance has been producing high quality footwear and has become one of the world’s major sports footwear manufacturers.

The 626 Slip Resistant Shoe is designed for workers who spend the majori...

Most work conducted on a roof, no matter the size, is considered ‘high risk’. Roof work becomes high risk when:

  • There is risk of a worker falling over 2m (as per height safety WHS regulations)

  • There is an element of demolition that will impact any load-bearing...

Selecting the right connection device can be tricky. There are many variables including length, material and functionality. So how do you get the right one? Lanyards and Self-Retracting Lifelines or SLRs, are the two most common connection devices. We have decoded each...

Skin Protection

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Its protective function keeps inner, more sensitive tissue safe from external irritants. It is also covered in nerve endings relaying information to the brain about its surroundings, including temperatures...

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