Dangerous goods, as their name suggests, are goods that pose a harmful threat to workers and their working environments. This can include radioactive material, explosives, combustibles, flammables and chemicals. Measures must be put into place to minimise the risk of f...

Ratchet straps are a great tool to tie down and secure moving cargo. To prevent failure of the strap and to ensure that your cargo is safe and secure during transport, it is important to inspect the tool each time before using.

Ratchet straps that are regularly used in...

Size Matters – How to fit your work boots

Correctly fitted work boots are imperative to ensuring your boots protect your feet at work. Footwear that does not fit correctly can lead to callouses, corns, fatigue, ingrown toenails and other painful side effects.

Fact: No tw...

To ensure comfort during the workday, it is important to get the right fitting clothing to suit the job at hand. Endurite offers a range of quality men and women’s workwear to provide you with the ultimate comfort and durability for any task. Clothing that fits poorly...

A great weld starts with preparation. A poorly prepared metal surface can cause defects in the weld that make it weak. Aluminium surfaces need to be prepared differently to regular steel to ensure the integrity of the weld. Follow this simple tip for a strong aluminium...

Make your team stand out from the crowd with customised workwear!

Our fast turnaround embroidery service allows you to customise your workwear or corporate uniform look with company logos, projects, events or names.

Why should you get customised workwear?

  1. If you are r...

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