Ensure your team’s safety at heights by making sure they are kitted out with the best fit-for-purpose harness for the job. This guide will walk you through some of the options to consider when purchasing your harness.

Fall Arrest

Height safety harnesses have fall arrest...

Whether you call them safety glasses or safety spectacles, the right pair can not only keep your eyes protected, but enhance your vision and clarity. Don't know what pair are right for you? We've decoded the options to help you make a better choice! Want more informati...

Before choosing the right safety vest for your working conditions it’s important to understand the difference between day and night safety vests. All safety vests increase the visibility of the wearer to those around them and are a form of personal protective equipment...

Tool tethering is when a tool or piece of equipment is securely connected to a person or anchor point. If the tool is dropped from height, it is prevented from falling and potentially injuring someone below.

Protect Your Tools

Falling from any height can be detrimental t...

It’s simple - an ill-fitting harness does not provide the same standard of protection as a proper fitting one. In fall protection there is no room for just ‘okay’, and with multiple sizes, webbing and components it can be hard to determine your perfect fit. Follow our ...

If the term “soft shell” makes you think of tacos or crab more than winter jackets, you may want to read on to learn more from our winter clothing guide.

There’s a lot of different jackets out there to cater for specific work place needs. So how do you choose?

It’s impor...

Size Matters – How to fit your work boots

Correctly fitted work boots are imperative to ensuring your boots protect your feet at work. Footwear that does not fit correctly can lead to callouses, corns, fatigue, ingrown toenails and other painful side effects.

Fact: No tw...

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