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Picking the Right Tool Lanyard

Tool tethering is when a tool or piece of equipment is securely connected to a person or anchor point. If the tool is dropped from height, it is prevented from falling and potentially injuring someone below. Protect Your Tools Falling from any height can be detrimental to a tool’s usability, rendering it useless and leaving a costly dent in your tool box. Plus, there’s the inconvenience of having to stop work and descend to retrieve a broken tool. Just another reason to keep your tools attached! Like height protection lanyards, there are a myriad of tool lanyards to choose from. Here are a few pointers on what to look for. Lanyard Types A tool lanyard can be constructed with coiled cable, st

What is Total Fall Distance?

Total Fall Distance = Free Fall Distance + Maximum Shock Absorber Extension + Harness Effects + Height of Person + Safety Factor Knowing total fall distance is vital to any height safety risk management plan. The total fall distance provides insight into what fall protection equipment is appropriate for each job. In fact, knowing total fall distance is just as important as having the proper equipment. Free Fall Distance = Length of Lanyard – (Distance Between Anchor Point and Working Surface + Distance Between Worker’s Lanyard Attachment and Working Surface) Free Fall Distance Free fall distance is the amount of vertical free fall experienced by the worker between the initial start of the f

King Tony's Tool Trolley Technology

Your tool trolley is your trusted workshop companion, so why settle for generic? It should be strong and steady, with additional features that make your job just that little bit easier. The King Tony range of Tool Trolleys keep this in mind. Below are the common features that you will find throughout the range*, to provide you with a product that is tough, reliable, safe and looks awesome! 1. Risk Free Draws When one draw is open an auto lock is engaged on all other draws, preventing the risk of tilting. 2. 100% Open Draws Draws are equipped with ball bearings that allow for the draw to open 100%, giving you better access to your tools. 3. Central Locking System Efficiently lock all of your

New Balance Women’s Slip Resistant Shoes

ATOM is now stocking a range of New Balance industrial shoes! Since 1906, New Balance has been producing high quality footwear and has become one of the world’s major sports footwear manufacturers. The 626 Slip Resistant Shoe is designed for workers who spend the majority of the day on their feet. These non-slip work shoes are perfect for nurses or those in the health fields, and workers in the hospitality industry. In such working conditions, a shoe that stays comfortable all day with its supportive leather upper, supreme ABZORB cushioning foam and phantom lining construction is the best choice. But it shouldn’t be a choice between comfort and safety. The slip-resistant outsole design inclu

Roof Safety

Most work conducted on a roof, no matter the size, is considered ‘high risk’. Roof work becomes high risk when: There is risk of a worker falling over 2m (as per height safety WHS regulations) There is an element of demolition that will impact any load-bearing structures of the roof, or will impact the structural integrity Work involves, or will possibly involve, the disturbance of asbestos (for more information on asbestos safety, contact your local ATOM Safety representative) Work is to be carried out on or near live electrical installations or services As per height safety WHS regulations, hazards must be eliminated or mitigated wherever reasonably practical. Working on a roof offers addi

A Lanyard or a Lifeline?

Selecting the right connection device can be tricky. There are many variables including length, material and functionality. So how do you get the right one? Lanyards and Self-Retracting Lifelines or SLRs, are the two most common connection devices. We have decoded each so you can make an informed decision on what will best suit your worksite. Lanyards are made of fixed length (usually 1.8 - 2m) webbing or cable with or without shock absorbing capability. Lanyards are ideal in situations where the full length of the connecting device needs to be taken into account, making lanyards the more ideal choice for smaller work areas. As lanyards are a fixed length, they can only be used in height app

Sunscreen Explained

Skin Protection StartFragment The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Its protective function keeps inner, more sensitive tissue safe from external irritants. It is also covered in nerve endings relaying information to the brain about its surroundings, including temperatures, textures and pain. Looking after your skin is imperative for overall wellbeing. Protecting Skin from the Sun: Sunscreen The sun sits unassumingly in the sky every day, but even in cooler weather the sun can have damaging effects on the skin; emitting both harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Within only a few minutes of exposure these rays can cause painful sunburn and can lead to life thre

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