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Experience Mega-Comfort with MEGAMAN®

Introducing MEGAMAN®, the world’s thinnest sweat-managing level 2 abrasion resistant nitrile glove. The multi-layer construction provides long-wearing durability with abrasion, chemical and puncture resistance. MEGAMAN® also features a beaded cuff for easy removal. Integrated technologies: DriTek sweat management technology keeps your hand in a moisture-controlled environment, keeping discomfort and hand irritation to a minimum. The natural cotton fibre lining ensures comfort during extended use without the need for powder. TouchTek technology ensures a safe environment inside of the glove while ensuring high performance capabilities on the outside. This is done by removing chemicals used in

Your Guide to Wet Weather Gear

If the term “soft shell” makes you think of tacos or crab more than winter jackets, you may want to read on to learn more from our winter clothing guide. There’s a lot of different jackets out there to cater for specific work place needs. So how do you choose? It’s important to take into account the conditions you’ll be facing when wearing your work gear. Are you in mostly dry conditions, or do you experience light showers or heavy rainfall? Each jacket has a different waterproof rating. Keep an eye out for terms like “showerproof” which means the jacket will be resistant to light rain, and “waterproof” which means it is completely sealed to make sure no water can penetrate the fabric. Jacke

The WIA Inverter Series

The WIA Inverter Series consists of inverter welders made to be easily portable, cost effective and power efficient. Whether you’re looking for a solution to your MIG, TIG or Arc welding needs, there’s an inverter welder for you. MIG & Multi-Process Weldmatic 200i 200A, Single phase, multi-process inverter capable of handling MIG, Stick and Lift-TIG processes Suits 1kg and 5kg spools Suitable for rural applications, construction sites, automotive panel repair and exhaust repair 2yr Warranty (power source only) ATOM part number: 201994 Manufacture code: CP137-0 Weldmatic 250i Versatile, portable inverter with VRD Single phase, multi-process inverter With 250A of MIG, 200A of Stick and 250A of

The Importance of Maintenance in Manufacturing

You have heard it before, “Time is money”. The term, originally coined by Benjamin Franklin in 1748, describes how valuable time is as a resource. This reins true when it comes to manufacturing equipment reliability. Whenever equipment fails, the resulting downtime costs money – not just in lost production and repair costs – but it can cause a ripple effect through the entire supply chain. An estimated 70 percent of manufacturing equipment failures are linked to improper installation, improper start up and shutdown, and no or poor maintenance. These are all preventable! Studies show that lack of maintenance can reduce a plant’s overall productive capacity by 5 to 20 percent, and unplanned d

Cost of Corrosion, and How to Prevent It

Corrosion has an astronomical global cost of US$2.5 trillion annually!1. In Australia alone, corrosion costs more than AUD$1,500 per person in Australia each year 2. These costs do not take into account the potential threat to individual safety and the environment Almost every material used in engineering and construction is susceptible to corrosion, this includes steel, concrete and some plastics. It is calculated that up to US$875 billion can be saved globally using corrosion control techniques. Dy-Mark’s Zinc Guard range do just that. The Zinc Guard system can prevent and manage corrosion on a variety of surfaces including steel, stainless steel, galvanised iron, wrought iron, aluminium

Five Most Common Equipment Failures, and How They Can Be Mitigated

1. THREADED FASTENER LOOSENING Constant vibration, shock, thermal expansion and contraction, torque and fatigue can cause once tight fasteners to loosen. This can cause costly leaks or critical machine failure. Keep fasteners locked in place with LOCTITE® anaerobic threadlockers. Anaerobic thread lockers are applied as a liquid, but cure as a thermoset plastic actively locking parts together while preventing corrosion and seizure. Anaerobic thread lockers also allow for easy disassembly when required. 2. LEAKS FROM THREADED FITTINGS Leaks caused by gaps in threaded fittings can release hazardous fluid or gas, posing great environmental and financial risk. Even if the leak is just a 1⁄16” a

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