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Operation Hydration

Did you know that in winter camels can last up to several months without drinking water? During this time, they obtain their water source from the plants they eat during the dry spell, and may lose up to half of their body weight! Unfortunately for us humans, our bodies are not well designed to cope with dehydration. That’s where CamelBak comes in. ATOM stocks a wide range of CamelBak products to keep you hydrated at work, on the trails or on the road. You can stay cool with the Podium Ice Ultimate Insulated Bottle – 600ml, which features: Aerogel insulation to keep water cold for four times as long as regular sport bottles Self-sealing Jet Valve eliminates splatter and spills BPA, BPS and B

Heat Stress v Heat Stroke. What is the Difference?

Time in the sun can be relaxing and enjoyable, but a little too much can cause serious health implications such as heat exhaustion and heat stress. Both terms are used to describe heat related illness, but what is the difference? Heat Stress Heat stress occurs when the body is not able to remove enough excess heat to maintain the optimum core body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. This is most likely to occur in high heat environments or in scenarios where high levels of personal protective equipment must be worn. Symptoms of heat stress include: Increased sweating, respiratory and heart rate; Heat rash – a skin irritation caused by excessive sweating; Heat cramps – pain or spams in muscles

Light Up Your World

So you want to buy a headlight but you’re not sure where to start? It might help to understand the concept of lumens, to know what product would best suit your needs. Lumens are a measure of visible light output (a unit of luminous flux). Simply put, the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will appear. The lower the lumen rating, the dimmer the light will appear. Energizer offers an assortment of different LED headlights to provide you with a hands-free lighting solution. Products in the range include: - Energizer Vision Headlight – 100 Lumens (Part number: 30004545) - Energizer Vision HD Headlight – 200 Lumens (Part number: 30004546) - Energizer Vision HD + Headlight – 250 Lumen

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