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What are Electrolytes?

You need a microscope to see them but, besides water, electrolytes are the vital element that keep your body hydrated. Electrolytes are elements or ions such as Sodium, Potassium, Chloride and Calcium. Electrolytes have two major purposes. Maintaining cell hydration, and internal communication. Without electrolytes cells would either severely dehydrate and shrivel or expand from being to full of liquid that is unable to escape, and nerve impulses would not be able to travel to their intended locations stopping bodily functions. Maintaining the Balance Electrolytes number one job it to keep the body hydrated by maintaining the flow and balance of water between cells. The concentration of elec

Use Your Head

Hard hats require regular inspection and maintenance to make sure they are in the proper condition to meet your safety needs. It’s important to perform a daily check for visible signs of weakness - such as holes, chips, cracks, dents and fraying. Hard hats worn in environments with high exposure to sunlight, chemicals and temperature extremes should also be replaced after two years of use, regardless of their outward appearance. Take your safety seriously with MSA. MSA offer a range of hard hats to suit your working needs. Some of the products available include: V-Gard White Awarded Australian Design Mark Extended peak for greater visibility and protection Patented Glaregard lining reducing

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