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Quality Comes Standard with ProChoice Safety Gear

Check the numbers on the EN 388 Standards shield to ensure your hand protection meets your requirements. Each number represents a different test, the higher the number the greater the protection. THE FOUR RATING NUMBERS ARE TESTED AS FOLLOWS: A circular piece of material is cut from the palm of the glove for each of these tests. ABRASION: The material is subject to a spinning, horizontal piece of “sand paper”. It measures the cycles under a pre-determined pressure before the fabric is breeched. CUT: A circular cutting wheel (similar to a pizza cutter) is motioned in a pendulum fashion under a pre-determined pressure and measures the cycles before the fabric is breeched. TEAR: A small incisio

The World's First Anti-Perspirant Glove

Keeping Hot Hands Cool, Making Sweaty Hands Dry ATG®’s technology is being continuously developed by a core team that matches market research and marketing analysis with the latest technological developments. This forms the foundation upon which ATG® continually improve the customer experience through constant innovation. One recurring demand arises in each and every conversation ATG® have, comfort. Today 97% of glove wearers claim that comfort is their number one priority when choosing gloves with the key challenge being sweaty hands. Why? The skin, the largest organ of our body, is used to regulate temperature through perspiration (thermoregulation). On average, our skin contains 155 sweat

CRC Perma-Mend Repair Patch

ATOM is a proud stockist of CRC's innovative Perma-Mend repair patch. The patch is easy to use and made from fiberglass and polyester. You simply apply the self adhesive patch and activate with a UV torch or sunlight. Perma-Mend exhibits powerful adhesion properties for long lasting repairs. Perma-Mend is suitable for repairs on tanks, pipes, roofs, steps, switch boxes, radiators, mufflers, bumpers, boat bodies and more. It can also be used on many surfaces such as wood, metal, glass ceramic, concrete and plastic surfaces. Just see how easy CRC's Perma-Mend™ Repair Patch is to use Easy application – just cut, peel and stick Non-flammable and non-toxic Flexible, waterproof and UV resistant Ca

CSCC - Confined Space Control Covers

CSCC (Confined Space Control Covers) fit most size entry and egress point on manways, heater doors, nozzles, broken pipe work and vessel skirts. The lockable and adjustable CSCC is fitted over the existing flange and is secured by installing a Master Lock safety padlock, giving plant safety personnel 100% control of the confined space. These covers can assist as an isolation accessory for confined spaces and be incorporated into Lockout/Tagout procedures. CSCC will eliminate the recurring cost of the unreliable, single-use products that are used today to cover man-ways in order to protect tanks/vessels from moisture, dust, vermin and unauthorised personnel. Available in a range of sizes to f

CRC Reflective Spray Paint

Reflective paints formulated using glass microsphere technology. These durable paints utilise a polyurethane resin, featuring extremely fade-resistant pigments and reflective glass spheres, ensuring years of bright reflection. Ideally suited to marking safety hazards or objects that need to be located in low-light or dark areas. It reflects back to the source of light using a flashlight or headlights. Not only is the reflective spray paint easy and convenient to use, it has many benefits over traditional reflective tapes; no cracking or peeling, easily applied to a large surface area and to a number of different surface types (such as curved objects or rough surfaces). Application examples:

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