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About ATOM

ATOM is a leading industrial hardware and safety equipment supplier with over 35 years experience providing expert knowledge and assistance to the Mining & Civil, Oil & Gas, Government, Electrical, Maintenance Repair & Operations, Commercial, Construction, Infrastructure  and Engineering industries. At ATOM we aim to provide our customers with a complete range of facilities maintenance products at the right price to meet their needs.



At ATOM we believe great power is unleashed by doing the little things. We understand that it’s often the little things you need to get the job done that distracts you from the big picture, so we’re here to look after all these little things for you.


We appreciate that it’s the little things we do that make the difference between a job done and a job well done. With access to over a million industrial and safety products, a branch and logistics network covering Australia and the Pacific, an extensive suite of e-business and remote solutions, and a team at your disposal empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure you get congratulated for a ‘job well done’, make the smart choice today - unleash the power of ATOM.


If you want to know more about what ATOM can do to help you, click here to download our Corporate Capability Statement.


Whatever products you need, ATOM can source them from all over the world for you. ATOM has everything you need to get on with the big things.




ATOM’s Publications

ATOM’s comprehensive Industrial and Safety Catalogue, is quickly becoming the new industry ‘Bible’ with more than 56,000 little things cleverly categorised over 1,300 pages for your easy reference, it’s also available as an eBook and online. You can find our catalogue online under the ‘Products’ and ‘Browse Catalogue’ Tabs. To request your free hard copy of the catalogue, email catalogue@atom.com.au.


ATOM’s Quarterly Magazine (QMag) is full of the latest products on special and bonus offers. Grab your free copy at your local branch, view online or email marketing@atom.com.au to be added to our mailing list.

        ATOM Supply Industrial & Safety Catalogue     


ATOM’s Site Stores and ToolTrak™

Use our robust Site Stores solutions to put all the little things your team needs in a controlled environment within their easy reach, significantly reducing stoppages and wastage whilst enabling you to remotely monitor individual and site usage.


ATOM’s proprietary tool and stock management system, ToolTrak™ delivers real-time tracking of all your tools and little things, wherever they’re located. Your team should never lose or misplace a tool, and with automatic replenishment of the little things managed by ATOM, your stock will reduce while your team will never go without again.


Through full or partial systems integration, eliminate every inefficient step in the process and enjoy the time and cost benefits of seamless quoting, ordering, tracking, reconciliation and payment.


For more information on ATOM’s Site Stores or ToolTrak™, please contact Jonathan White.



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ATOM and Bishops

ATOM is proud to be associated with their sister company in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Bishops. Bishops is the leading industrial supplier with over 40 years experience providing industrial and engineering goods to trade and industry across PNG and the Solomon Islands. ATOM now has all your industrial needs covered in Australia and PNG. For any export queries please contact; our Brisbane warehouse or visit Bishops Website.


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