ATOM understands that it’s often the little things you need to get the job done well. With access to over one million industrial and safety products and a resourceful team at your disposal empowered to do whatever it takes to find even the most obscure little things. ATOM stock & sell:

·        Clothing and Footwear

·        Safety Equipment and Consumables

·        Material Handling and Lifting Equipment

·        Hand and Cutting Tools

·        Welding and Abrasives

·        Power and Pneumatic Tools

·        Machinery and Construction Equipment

·        Lubricants, Sealants and Chemicals

·        Janitorial and Hygiene Products

·        General Industrial Products

·        Fasteners

·        Bearings, Seals and Transmission Products

·        Hydraulics, Valves, Hoses and Fittings

·        Offshore Oil & Gas Products & Equipment


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Clothing & Footwear

ATOM offers a range of clothing options including workwear and uniforms, wet weather clothing, Hi-Vis and cooling vests, sun protection, coveralls and overshoes, knee pads and chaps and fire retardant clothing. ATOM also stocks an extensive range of work boots, gumboots and other quality footwear from Steel Blue, Oliver and Bata, designed to keep you comfortable and safe onsite.

Safety Equipment & Consumables

At ATOM we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality safety products including but not limited to; gloves, spectacles/goggles, brow guards, visors, face shield, respirators and headtops, breathing apparatuses, airline trolleys, self rescuers, gas monitors, earplugs and earmuffs, hard hats, brims flaps, sunscreen, rehydration drinks such as Squincher and Thorzt, Camelback backpacks, height safety harnesses, deck/rung/cable covers, matting, lead stands, work steps, traffic/crowd control accessories, fire extinguishers, cabinets, fire fighting units, first aid kits, consumables, emergency eye and body wash and shower units, spill control, lockout padlocks including Masterlock, hasps, safety tags, pipe markers, motifs and assorted signs. These products and more are available from trustworthy brands such as MSA, Uvex, ProChoice, Unisafe, Saferight, Honeywell, Ansell, Eyres, 3M, Brady and Vision Safe.


Material Handling & Lifting Equipment

You can find solutions to all your manual handling needs at ATOM. We offer Hydraulic rams, hoses and couplers from PT Hydraulics and Pacific Hoists, load skates, nut splitters, pumps, porter power kits, lifter, pallet trucks from Easyroll and Pacific Hoists, jacks, pallets, scissor tables, Rubbermaid and easyroll trolleys/carts, mobile work benches, hand trolleys, drum trolleys/dolleys/racks, wheelbarrows, castor/pneumatic wheels, belts, tie hooks, securing devices, twines, ropes, cords and braids, nets, conveyors, and wedges.


ATOM offer quality lifting equipment from leading suppliers such as RUD, Pacific Hoists and Manufacturing Lifting Equipment. ATOM Stocks items such as: synthetic lifting slings, connecting links and safety hooks, hooks and chain slings, universal hooks, rings, eye connections bolts, load rings, excavator hooks, eye nut/bolts, hooks, chain tensioners, lifting clamps, Dee Shackles, thimbles, tumbuckles, loadbinders, ratchet straps, chain, wire rope slings, chain blocks, lever blocks, grinder trolleys, clamps, winches, snatch blocks, hoists, trolleys, lifting bags, work platforms and lifting frames.

Hand & Cutting Tools

ATOM stock and sell an extensive range of items under our hand tool category including toolkits, socket/spanner sets, deep/inhex sockets, ratchets, torque wrenches, crows foot sets, impact socket sets, lock-nut wrenches, spanner sets, flare nut sets, podger pins, drifts, adjustable hook spanners, ring/open end podgers, adjustable wrenches, strap wrenches, pliers, locking pliers, spring clamps, C clamps, chain clamps, F clamps, G clamps, carver clamps, tinsnip, aviation snips, multi-purpose cutters, stripping/crimping tools, cable ratchet cutter, bolt/rod cutters and benders, tube cutters, flaring tools, hydraulic/mechanical gear pullers, clutch tools, crowbars, pry bars, wreaking bars, nail pullers, wire rope punch, scraper, chisel sets, punches, files, hammers, rubber mallets, picks, pelican/road picks, mattock, splitters/axes, hacksaws, jab saws, hand saws, utility knives, multi-tools, sharpening tools, screwdriver sets, nut drivers, hex keys, rivet guns, lazy tong riveters, staplers, shovels, post hole diggers, rakes, site boxes, chests, tool bags, tool boxes and tool lanyards.


These products are available through ATOM from quality brands such as, Sidchrome, King Tony, KC Tools, Stanley, GearWrench, Mumme Tools, Ridgid Tools, Irwin Tools, Koken, Norbar, Crescent, Will, Dawn, Falcon, Cyclone, Leatherman, Grobet USA, Sutto, QCut and 1-11.


ATOM’s cutting tools include; Clipper, saw blades, circular, jigsaw/sabre saw blades, reciprocating/hacksaw blades, carbide burrs, deburring tools, jobber drill bits, hammer/masonry drills, hammer drill bits, masonry drill bits, panel drills, taper shank drill bits, sharpening machines, reduced shank/centre drill bits, endmill/slotdrill/unimill bits and reamers, countersink/counterbore bits, step drill bits, wood chisels bits, cutters, pilot drills, aircraft drill bits, holesaws, core drill bits, lathe accessories, wad punches, cutters, screw/bolt extractors, button dies, nut sets, tap and die sets, wrenches, files, jaw inserts and bit gauges.

Welding & Abrasives

Visit ATOM for all your welding and abrasive needs such as Speedglas helmets, shields, filters, lenses, hoods, caps, Elliots and ProChoice gloves/jackets, aprons, coats, cable sleeves, blankets, screens, Lincon and Cigweld stick/arc, TIG, MIG and multi-processor welders, welder generators, wire feeders, plasma cutters, welding equipment, cables, clamps, chippers, gouging, carbons, lancing equipment, electrodes, wire/gas cutting/welding kits, regulators, gas blow pipes, cutting nozzles/attachments, cutting, gouging and heating nozzles, welding tips, gas accessories, hose/fittings, gas torches, gas cylinders, flux paste, soldering equipment, solder resin, welding ovens pipe rotators, wire wheel/cup brushes, flex-hones, tube brushes, wire hand brushes, wheel dressers, sharpening stones, cup wheels, mounted points, grinding wheels, conditioning discs, backup pads/grinding discs, multi-purpose disks, cutting wheels, flap discs/wheels, sanding discs, grinding/backing pads, sanding belts, spiral bands and sanding cloths/sheets/pads. Abrasive brands include, Weiler, Flexouit, Josco, Pferd, Norton, 3M, Klingspore.

Power & Pneumatic Tools

For an extensive power and pneumatic tool range, ATOM is the place to go. We stock quality and reliable brands such as Hitachi, Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Chicago Pneumatic, Hougen, Nitto, KC Tools, Ingersoll Rand and Jacobs Chuck. We have a large cordless range of items such as; impact wrenches/drivers/drills/hammers, circular saws, rotary hammers, mag drills, jigs, sabre saws, cutters/shears, hydraulic cutters/crimpers, angle grinders and an extensive range of combo kits.


Also included in our power and pneumatic ranges are batteries, radios, electric impact wrenches, screwdrivers, screw guns, electric drills, magnetic base drills, bench/pedestal drills, milling/core machines, electric saws, demolition hammers, electric multi-tools, bevellers, planers, die grinders, angle/bench grinders, electric belt grinders, band files, belt sanders, electric sanding/polishing/heating, staple guns, nail guns, riveters, pneumatic ratchet/impact wrenches, pneumatic drills/saws/nibblers/diggers, pneumatic hammers/chisels, pneumatic scabblers/scrapers/die grinders, pneumatic cut-off tools, angle grinders, surface prep, sanders, hydraulic wrenches, drill stands, accessories, drill attachments and tool bits.

Machinery & Construction Equipment

ATOM stock and sell various items in our machinery and construction category including: workbenches, inverters, sandblasting cabinets/tanks and other sandblasting materials, parts washers, drain cleaners, dust/fume extractors, ventilators, exhaust fans, fans, dryers, coolers, band saws, lathes, presses, anvils, pipe/tube benders, cutters, roll groovers, vices, stands and a large range of generators and compressors, from leading brands such as; Hyundai, Kipor, M Power, Crommelins Machinery, Peerless Products, Ingersoll Rand, Tools 4 Industry, Dawn Tools & Vices, Ridgid and Irwin.

Lubricants, Sealants & Chemicals

For your lubrication, sealants and chemical needs, come see ATOM. We stock and sell greasing equipment from Macnaught and Alemlube, oil/fuel/chemical equipment, diaphragm pumps, grease nipples, oil suction guns, cans, containers, greases and oil from Lubriplate, Shell and others, anti-seize products, WD-40/3-in-one/CRC lubricants, oils/cutting fluids, protectants, rust converters, solvents, cleaners, degreasers, fuel treatments, radiator sealants, inhibitors, coolants, industrial cleaners/degreasers, threadlockers/thread sealants, retaining compounds, primers, adhesives, PVC cement, adhesives, fiberglass kits, putties from Devcon and Loctite, brushable ceramic/repair putties, flaw check products, pipe repairs, gasket, packing material, assorted rubber, gasket remover, gasket sealant and O-rings.

Janitorial & Hygiene Products

ATOM stock an extensive range of janitorial and hygiene products including hand soap/sanitisers/creams, dispensers, hand towels, toilet rolls, sanitising/graffiti wipes, cleaning cloths, sponges, scourers, plugs, dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, drain cleaner, toilet cleaning products, disinfectants, bleaches, glass, chrome, BBQ cleaners, grime removers, carpet/floor cleaners, furniture, metal polish, pool cleaners, rags, automotive/marine cleaners, pressure cleaners from Lavor Wash and Karcher vacuums, brooms, squeegees, dust pans, bins from Willow and Rubbermaid and garbage bags. Additional brands include Lighting, Septone, Deb, Industrial Chemical Technologies, Simple Green, Solvol

General Industrial Products

ATOM stock and sell an extensive range of general industrial products such as ladders from LADaMAX, Bailey Ladders and little giant, order pickers, scaffolding, scaffold nets, scaffold sheets. ATOM also stock and sell Roundup weed killer, spray bottles, pressure/compression sprayers, stakes, tri pickets, tie wire, piano wire, pine, plywood, hessian cloth, shade cloth, tarpaulins, demineralised water, jerry cans and fuel cans, funnels, taps, jugs, Masterlock and Lockwood padlocks, cable, chain/locking plates, digital locks, locksets, handles, spring bolts, padbolts, barrel bolts, cabin hooks, hasps, staples, case clips, hinges, draw slides, brackets, gas stays, chain, pulleys, snap hooks, handles, assorted hooks, extension/compression springs, grommets, ball joint kits, pichweld, rubber fenders, buffers, seals and tank straps.


Visit your local ATOM warehouse for all your fastner needs including; mid steel bolts/nuts/set screws, mild steel coach screws, roofing bolts/nuts, high tensile bolts/set screw, washers, structural nuts/washers, structural bolt assemblies, studbolt kits, hex nuts, socket/grub screws, allthread, bolt/wedge anchors, wall plugs, eyebolts, chemical anchor studs, sieves, nail gun pins, lynch pins, clevis pins, R-clips, nails, U-bolts, rivets, huck bolts/collars, bolt gauges, Champion master kits and grab kits.

Bearings, Seals & Transmissions Products

ATOM’s bearings, seals and transmission category includes, V-belts, V-pulleys, power wedge pulleys, shaft locking devices, circlips, machine key bars, woodruff keys, shims, mounts and isolators, adjustable feet and buffers from a range of leading manufacturers.

Hydraulics, Valves, Hoses & Fittings

ATOM stock and sell; ball valves, check valves, gate valves, stainless steel gate valves, butterfly valves, actuators, valve sets, industrial valves, level/pressure gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, indicators, inline oilers, filter regulators, lubricators, hoses and reels from Alemlube, Macnaught and Lubemate, hose assemblies, grease tubing, air tool hose, hose systems, compressor hose/fittings, self store hoses, blow guns, garden fittings, adaptors, boss/pushfit hose fittings, brass hose fittings, compression fittings, combination nipples, camlocks from Dixon, whipchecks, hose clamps, P Clips, hose clamp brackets, clamps, bands, preformed clamps, stainless steel bands, buckles, clips and caplugs.

Offshore Oil & Gas Products & Equipment

ATOM has all your oilfield needs, including; motion and subsea production control fluids, blow out prevention control fluids, wireline lubricants, equipment preservation fluids, cleaner, preventatives, finding pastes, lubricants, 110V/120V angle grinders, non-sparking grinding and cutting tools from Allmet Safety Tools, non-sparking hand tools, wrenches, tongs, stiffy push poles, vices, scraper, pumps, valves, desilter, pistons, float valves, tong die inserts, pipe wipers, pipe couplings, joints, nipples, bull plugs, drill hole savers, lifting bails, thread protectors, unions, hammer unions, plugs, couplings, hose assembly, swivel joints and R style ring/RX style ring/BX style ring joint gaskets.

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